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McLaren 720S GT3X 2021.

McLaren 720S GT3X 2021.

McLaren 720S GT3X 2021.

On the basis of the racing McLaren 720S GT3, a more powerful modification of the GT3X was built.

McLaren has unveiled the 720S GT3X track supercar, which is designed without regard to the requirements of a particular racing series.

From the name of the model, it is not difficult to understand that it was based on the usual 720S GT3, which participates in various races around the world.

In the process of creating the modification, the original two-door was significantly modified. In particular, the car received a number of aerodynamic improvements, namely, it received a more developed front splitter, an enlarged wing and a different rear diffuser.

The McLaren 720S GT3X is based on the MonoCage II carbon monocoque, but has a slightly different roll cage and a different cabin layout.

In particular, an optional passenger seat is offered for the track coupe, which is not available on the GT3.

McLaren 720S GT3X 2021.

The supercar is driven by a 4.0-liter V8 with dual supercharging, however, unlike the GT3, it was additionally boosted, increasing the output by 200 hp.

Thus, the engine here is capable of delivering 720 forces (as on the road version of the McLaren 720S), although when you press a special push-to-pass button, its performance briefly increases by another 30 horses.

It is reported that to achieve the desired result, the British not only modified the engine itself, but also installed larger turbines.

Plus, the car received a modified cooling system, due to which it can make long trips along the track, while not losing performance.

According to the manufacturer, on the track, the novelty is «noticeably faster» than the original racing 720S GT3, but the British do not give exact numbers. The cost of such a car also remains unknown.

The McLaren 720S GT3X showed some specs.

McLaren has revealed some parameters of the 720S GT3X version: it is built on the basis of the «regular» 720 S GT3, but differs with serious modifications.

McLaren 720S GT3X 2021.

The four-liter twin-aspirated engine develops the previous 710 hp. with., but by pressing the button, the power can be briefly increased by thirty «horses».

The modernized monocoque made it possible to place a passenger seat in the cabin. In addition, the car received a new splitter, a larger wing, a modified diffuser and many minor improvements.

McLaren claims that the novelty is faster than the original, but the exact dynamic parameters have not been named.

The McLaren 720S GT3X coupe will delight track day enthusiasts with power.

Acceptance of orders has not yet begun, therefore, there are no prices yet. But according to various modifications of the McLaren GT3, we can say that we are talking about an amount of about $ 600,000 excluding options.

McLaren 720S GT3X 2021.

The British have released a track variation of the McLaren 720S supercar — the 720S GT3X. It is devoid of many of the elements that are required for the road version, and is generally based on the 720S GT3 race car.

At the same time, the GT3X is not intended for competition, but for track days. Here the engineers were not limited by the regulations of the GT3 category.

Therefore, when you press the push-to-pass button, the power of the biturbo-eight 4.0 increases by 30 seconds from 720 forces to 750, while the recoil rating of the racing version of the 720S is limited to 500 forces.

McLaren 720S GT3X 2021.

From the aerodynamic point of view, there is also no regulation pressure, therefore, in comparison with the original GT3 (yellow car in the collage), the wing, splitter and side canards on the front bumper are enlarged and adjusted in the GT3X.

The track variation differs from the racing coupe with larger turbochargers and intake manifolds, redesigned cylinder heads, improved engine cooling and more powerful Alcon brakes.

The Spartan salon, which has received a range of CFRP trim elements, can accommodate a wider range of racing buckets, to the taste and build of the customer.

The coupe’s suspension is broadly the same as the GT3 racing kit, with only a few tweaks. This is how the track car came out, originating from motorsport, but without the restrictions imposed by the sports regulations.

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