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McLaren Artura 2022.

McLaren Artura 2022.

McLaren Artura 2022.

McLaren Artura 2022: new hybrid supercar.

It should be said that the novelty is the first serial hybrid high-performance car of the British brand. The model is equipped with a power unit that includes a 577-horsepower (584 Nm) twin-turbo V6 3.0-liter engine and a 94-horsepower (225 Nm) electric motor.

The total performance of the power plant is 671 hp. and 804 Nm of torque. As a transmission, an exclusively new 8-speed dual-clutch transmission is offered.

Artura can accelerate to the first «hundred» in just 3 seconds and accelerate to a maximum of 329 km / h.

According to the British company, the novelty is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 7.4 kW / h, which allows it to travel up to 30 km only on electric traction.

On the other hand, it takes 2.5 hours to recharge a vehicle’s battery from zero to 80% using a standard EVSE charger.

McLaren emphasizes that the Artura is the first car in the brand’s lineup to use the new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) platform, designed specifically for hybrid models.

McLaren Artura 2022.

Moreover, this architecture made it possible to equip the new model with active safety systems such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping, traffic sign recognition.

The new supercar became the first model of the British brand to receive a proprietary multimedia system called MIS II with a high-resolution touchscreen, support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

In addition, some time ago it was reported that a rare Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren from the garage of the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan was put up for sale.

It should be emphasized that the car is sold by a Texas dealer Crave Luxury Auto.

The McLaren Artura supercar is the company’s first production hybrid. The overall dimensions of the coupe are slightly smaller than those of the McLaren 720S — length 4539 mm, width 1913 mm, height 1193 mm, wheelbase 2640 mm.

The new McLaren Artura coupe is offered in four trim levels: Standard, Performance, Techlux and Vision. As standard, the two-door is equipped with adaptive cruise control and high beam, lane control and traffic sign recognition.

McLaren Artura 2022.

Delivery of the hybrid sports car is scheduled for summer 2021 at a price of 185,500 pounds sterling (19 million rubles).

The dynamics of acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.0 seconds, up to 200 km / h in 8.3 seconds, and up to 300 km / h (maximum speed) in 10.7 seconds. In pure electric mode, the British coupe can accelerate to 130 km / h and cover 30 km.

At the front, the coupe has 19-inch rims, while the rear axle has 20-inch wheels with Pirelli P Zero or P Zero Corsa tires in 235/35 R19 and 295/35 R20 dimensions, respectively.

At the front are six-piston calipers with 390mm carbon-ceramic discs, and at the rear are 380mm rotors with four-piston mechanisms.

The hybrid sports car is built on a completely new modular platform McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture, which is a carbon fiber «tub» weighing 82 kg with aluminum subframes at the front and rear.

McLaren Artura 2022.

The chassis was originally designed for hybrid supercars without batteries. Due to this, the mass of the compartment with all fluids, including a 90% filled tank, is 1498 kg, and in dry condition 1395 kg.

Compared to the 570S coupe, the novelty is 82 kg heavier, but the acceleration dynamics, on the contrary, is better than 3.0 seconds. against 3.2 sec.

The power steering is electro-hydraulic, the shock absorbers are adaptive, and the anti-roll bars are conventional. The rear axle has a new multi-link, which saves 2.4 kg on each side compared to previous models.

The hybrid powertrain offers four driving modes: E-Mode, Comfort, Sport and Track, while the stabilization system offers three: Standard, Dynamic and Off. The car also has an electronic assistant Variable Drift Control with a controlled drift.

Salon McLaren Arthur received dual-zone climate control, a virtual instrument panel and an 8.0-inch vertical display. The multimedia system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto protocols, is voice controlled and has track telemetry.

McLaren Artura 2022.

2022 McLaren Artura specs

The coupe is driven by a hybrid power unit, which includes an aluminum V6 3.0 M630 (585 hp 584 Nm) with a double turbocharging and a camber angle of 120 degrees of cylinder blocks (its weight is 160 kg), and an electric motor (95 l .s., 225 Nm) weighing only 15 kg, which is located on the body of an eight-speed robotic SSG gearbox with two clutches.

The total output of the hybrid power plant (680 HP and 720 Nm).
The coupe has rear-wheel drive, and the differential is electronically controlled. Reverse gear is here, like the Ferrari SF90 is electric.

The electric motor is powered by a 7.4 kWh lithium-ion battery. It will take 2.5 hours to restore the charge to 80% using the EVSE cable.

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