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McLaren Artura delayed again.

McLaren Artura delayed again.

McLaren Artura delayed again.

McLaren Artura delayed again: the company postponed the start of production.

The model cannot reach the assembly line because of the shortage of microchips: they decided to give them to «higher-margin» cars.

The history of the company McLaren began in 1963, it was founded by the American Ted Mayer and a racer of the Formula 1 from New Zealand Bruce McLaren.

In this case, the development of the so-called «road» (not racing) car manufacturer has become engaged only in 1989: the first model — McLaren F1 — appeared three years later.

Now the company is based in England, at the beginning of the year she declassified a novelty — a hybrid supercar Artura. However, the model never reached the assembly line.

Release of the new model of McLaren is postponed for the third time already.

According to Automotive News, the company has decided again to postpone deliveries of hybrid sports car — this time until July 2022.

According to the magazine, the manufacturer attributes this to the fact that the supply of microchips is now limited: we have repeatedly written about the lack of semiconductors, which has already affected the global auto industry.

So the company has now decided to focus on other models — «higher-margin»; in particular, mentioned Elva and 765LT Spider.

McLaren Artura delayed again.

Representatives of the brand McLaren gave no official comment on the priority given to «higher-margin» models, but explained that «the supply of semiconductors dried up,» which resulted in the company had to reduce production overall, and the launch of the Artura once again postponed.

Of course, July 2022 is a very tentative date, because when the problems with the shortage of microchips will end, it is not clear yet.

McLaren Artura delayed again.

McLaren introduced the Artura in February 2021. The sports car is based on the new MCLA (McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture) platform, which is adapted to a hybrid powertrain.

The model has a suspension with adaptive shock absorbers (can work in three modes — Comfort, Sport and Track): double wishbones in the front, «five-lever» in the back.

McLaren Artura delayed again.

The car is equipped with carbon-ceramic brakes, the front discs have a diameter of 390 mm (six-piston calipers), rear — 380 mm (four-piston).

Artura is a plug-in hybrid. The basis of the power plant is gasoline V6 engine (factory index M630) with direct fuel injection and two turbochargers, its working volume is 2993 cc.

Engine output is 585 hp and maximum torque is 585 Nm. It works with an eight-speed automatic with two clutches, in which is integrated an electric motor (95 hp, 225 Nm).

The driving wheels are in the rear. The total capacity of the system is 680 hp. (720 Nm).

McLaren Artura delayed again.

Behind the seats there is a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 7.4 kWh.

Fully charged battery enough for 30 km of run without the involvement of the engine, though there are restrictions on maximum speed — not more than 130 km / h.

To accelerate from a place to the first «hundred» McLaren Artura in hybrid mode requires 3.0 seconds, to 200 km / h — 8.3 seconds, and to 300 km/h — 21,5 seconds. The top speed is 330 km/h.

Dry weight of the new hybrid McLaren equal to 1395 kg, curb weight — 1498 kg.

The Artura features new lightweight Clubsport bucket seats (heavier and more comfortable seats are available as an option).

The list of electronic aids for the driver includes: adaptive cruise control, capable of working in traffic jams, and a system of road sign recognition, automatically limiting the speed of movement.

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