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McLaren Speedtail 2022.

McLaren Speedtail 2022.

McLaren Speedtail 2022.

McLaren Speedtail: the successor to the legendary McLaren F1.

The McLaren Speedtail is a three-seat hypercar from the Ultimate Series, which already includes the P1 and the Senna.

Presentation of the car, positioned as the successor to the legendary F1, was held at the end of October two thousand eighteen.

Totally will be built only 106 copies of the model, with all of them were sold out even before the official show.

The cost of each only starts from 1.75 million pounds sterling (~ 147 million rubles), while customers are offered options for at least another half a million.

The technical specifications of the new McLaren Speedtail (previously known under the codename BP23) are still not announced in full, since the company has not yet completed the cycle of all the planned tests.

But there is still time — the first cars are scheduled for delivery only at the end of 2019.

McLaren Speedtail 2022.

At the moment we say that a hypercar weighing 1 430 kg (specified dry weight) is powered by a 1,050-horsepower hybrid unit, two-door accelerates from 0 to 300 km / h in 12.8 seconds (0.8 seconds faster than the Bugatti Chiron) and reaches a maximum speed of 403 kilometers per hour.

The company paid a lot of attention to the aerodynamics of this model, achieving, according to them, a record low value of the coefficient of aerodynamic drag, but so far no specific figures are given.

Plus it uses active elements to create the necessary downforce.

McLaren Speedtail 2022.

The McLaren Speedtail can reach its top speed in a special mode «Velocity», when you activate which the ground clearance is reduced by 35 mm (in this form the height of the car is only 1 120 mm), the rear view camera is hidden in the body, and also brought into working position flexible active flaps ailerons in the rear.

For aerodynamics works and the body itself, which has an elongated drop-shaped (total length of the car is almost 5,137 mm), a minimum of protruding elements, the most narrowed headlights and air intake, as well as fixed protective caps on the front wheels to reduce the whirls of the air flow.

McLaren Speedtail 2022.

As in the McLaren F1, the cockpit Speedtail has three seats — the driver’s in the center and two passenger seats on each side of him and moved slightly backwards (seating arrangement 1 + 2).

For this reason, the company had to completely redesign its carbon-fiber monocoque, abandoning the central tunnel, and the transmission control buttons were moved to the ceiling.

The driver is as if in a fighter cabin — in front of his eyes are three large monitors, and two more screens are located on the sides of the front panel — they display the picture from the rear view cameras.

You can get inside from either side, and the car boasts expensive and high-quality materials of finishing.

McLaren Speedtail 2022.

Other features of the new McLaren Speedtail include an electrochromic section in the upper part of the windshield, which can be dimmed by pressing a special button, and the hypercar has two sections for baggage transportation.

The British promise to tell more details about the technical features of their top model later, but they already emphasize that there will be no special series, convertible version or track version of the GTR for the sake of exclusivity.

Only we wonder how many of 106 customers will use the car for its intended purpose or all of them will stay in garages of collectors and will be constantly resold, making tongues tapping from the ever-increasing price tag.

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