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Mercedes A-class 2021.

Mercedes A-class 2021.

Mercedes A-class 2021.

Mercedes A-class (hatchback) 2021: a serious claim to leadership in its category.
In the domestic market, the new version of the prestigious hatchback — Mercedes A-class 2021 — will be available with different configurations of technical and electronic equipment, in versions with front and all-wheel drive.

The manufacturer positions the new model range as a comfortable semi-sports car with premium starting and speed characteristics, as well as high road safety standards.


The frontal plane of the hatchback includes dynamic elements of a sporty style, represented by stepped sidewalls and a gently sloping bonnet. In the photo, the new generation hatchback demonstrates:

• blocks of powerful matrix optics shaded with energetic strokes of running lights;

• decorated mesh and expressive chrome plating of the winged brand logo;

• racing format for side diffusers and bottom air vent.

The design features of the front end include ribbed profiles of the bumper and body kit, a large number of details of the aerodynamic relief.

The new body looks prestigious and impressive in a side projection, which is less favorable for viewing. In the field of view — a domed roof with a panoramic sunroof, a silver frame, black matte pillars of three-section glazing, a wedge-shaped configuration of mirrors, small-sized door handles recessed into the body.

Mercedes A-class 2021.

On the sides of the body and on the contours of the large wheel arches, there is a little stepped relief. The petal design of titanium alloy wheels completes the design. The semi-sporty status of the hatch is confirmed by the ideal aerodynamics of the external attachments and low body clearance.

In the rear projection, the restyling of the Mercedes A-class 2021 hatchback identified itself with several exclusive layout and design solutions. In stock:

• an array of a spoiler visor electrified with stop lights;

• wide black perimeter of semi-oval rear glazing;

• wedge-shaped configuration and modern graphics of the stern lights;

• a place for a license plate located in a deep niche.

The lower aft segment looks more stylish and aggressive. It includes a massive bumper with fog lights, an air diffuser and a figured plastic body kit with two chrome tailpipes.

Mercedes A-class 2021.

According to eyewitness accounts, the new hatchback model combines elegance and sporty style with the grace of a panther ready to jump.


The leather interior is available in several tonal and contrasting colors. Digital and virtual technologies prevail in the design and equipment of the front panel. The list of design features of the new items:

• additional command functions of the multifunction steering wheel;

• large-format digital monitors combined in one block, performing the functions of an informative instrument panel and a media command display.

In stock — a set of branded round deflectors decorated with chrome plating and a narrow remote control with elements of operational activation of numerous basic and auxiliary options. Voice control functions have been expanded in the electronic equipment of the cabin.

According to the conclusion of independent experts, the technical and electronic equipment of the hatchback meets the highest requirements of world standards.

Mercedes A-class 2021.

The transmission and travel modes are controlled by paddle shifters, so the tunnel equipment is mainly responsible for comfort-forming options. It includes a container for small luggage, organizers and a mini-fridge chamber installed under a soft armrest.

Despite the moderate dimensions of the car itself, the cabin is quite spacious and comfortable. Front seats with pronounced lateral support offer service from several adjustment points, cooling circuits, heating and vibration massage of the seats.

The limited service of the rear sofa seats compensates for the extended list of organizers, a folding armrest and the ability to change the backrest tilt.

Excellent ergonomics of the cabin allowed bringing the luggage compartment volume to the level of 360 liters.


With its own dimensions of 4419 x 1796 and 1440 mm, the Mercedes A-Class 2021 looks compact and monolithic. Undercarriage with a base of 2729 mm is completed with:

• progressive post-torsion or fully independent multi-link suspension;

• running stabilizers;

• ventilated disc brakes and modern active road safety systems.

In the basic version, the hatchback is driven by a turbocharged petrol «four» with an output of 150 to 421 hp. or a diesel one and a half liter analogue with a capacity of 116 hp. The entire engine range is equipped with a 7-band robotic transmission.

In the first decision, the test drive showed the dynamics of reaching the first hundred of 4.3-10.9 seconds, the maximum speed from 200 to 250 km / h. For a diesel engine, these parameters are slightly lower, respectively — 10.5 seconds and a maximum speed of 202 km / h.

Mercedes A-class 2021.

Despite the presence of all-wheel drive, off-road performance is difficult to realize due to the high torque of the power units and the low, only 104 mm,
sports clearance.

Options and prices

In the domestic automotive market, the new Mercedes A-class (hatchback) 2021 model year was initially announced in several modifications with different engine options and onboard equipment.

In ruble terms, the price of the initial version is a little over two million. The cost of top-end options is on average 150-250 thousand higher.


In the price segment of more than two million rubles, the same type of model in the hatch layout claims the status of rivals. These are Infiniti Q30, Subaru WRX, Volkswagen Golf R, Volvo V40 and Mazda 3.

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