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Mercedes-AMG GT 2020.

Mercedes-AMG GT 2020.

Mercedes-AMG GT 2020.

The four-door Mercedes-AMG GT.
Mercedes-AMG GT sports car turned into a family hatchback
There are now two Mercedes-AMG GT models in the Mercedes range. Both are very powerful, fast, and were originally developed by AMG specialists.

This is where the similarities end. After all, one of them is a stunning two-seater sports car built on the platform of the SLS AMG coupe under the transaxle scheme.

And the second is a five-door hatchback with a four- or five-seat saloon, a folding rear sofa and a fairly roomy trunk.

The car was built on the modular MRA «cart», on which the new Mercedes CLS is based, but unlike it, the debutant at the Geneva Motor Show will not have low-power and rear-wheel drive versions.

Mercedes-AMG GT 2020.

While the AMG GT purebred sports car has various modifications indicated by the letters (S, C, R), the family model has numeric indices.

The basic version — Mercedes-AMG GT 53. He got an inline six-cylinder 3.0 turbo engine producing 435 hp. and 520 N • m. But the «fifty-third» is a so-called mild hybrid: on acceleration, a hatch with a curb weight of 1970 kg is assisted by a starter-generator developing 22 hp. and 250 newton meters and powered by a 48-volt network. Acceleration to hundreds takes 4.5 s, the maximum speed reaches 285 km / h.

The gearbox is a traditional nine-speed automatic AMG Speedshift TCT 9G, the drive is a full drive with a multi-plate clutch on the front end.

The rest of the modifications are eight-cylinder. Mercedes-AMG GT 63 received a V-shaped «eight» with a pair of two-flow turbochargers and direct injection and the AMG Speedshift MCT 9G gearbox, which has a wet clutch instead of a torque converter.

Engine output — 585 forces and 800 N • m. This reserve is enough to fire up to 100 km / h in 3.4 seconds. Speed ​​ceiling — 310 km / h. In this case, the «sixty-third» weighs 2025 kg.

Mercedes-AMG GT 2020.

For comparison, the curb weight of the five-door Porsche Panamera Turbo does not exceed 1995 kg. Although this does not save her: spurt up to a hundred lasts 3.8 s, and the maximum speed is 306 km / h.

And the fastest in the lineup is the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S with electronically controlled locking and drift mode of the transmission, available as standard. The top version has the same two-turbocharged four-liter V8, but with active hydraulic supports (an option for the usual «sixty-third»). And it was boosted to 639 hp. and 900 newton meters.

The acceleration time to hundreds is only 3.2 s at a maximum speed of 315 km / h. Here even the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid (680 forces, 850 N • m) will not keep up — 3.4 s and 310 km / h, respectively. True, the gasoline-electric Porsche is noticeably heavier — 2310 kg versus 2045.

Mercedes-AMG GT 2020.

Only the Mercedes-AMG GT 53 is equipped with steel springs, and eight-cylinder cars are equipped with air suspension by default.

But when buying a base modification, you do not need to pay extra for adaptive dampers, like on hatchbacks with a V8.

Also available for the 53rd is a drift-mode transmission, an electronically controlled limited-slip differential, an all-steering chassis (standard on 63 and 63 S) and carbon-ceramic brakes with gold six-piston monobloc calipers on the front axle. In general, there is almost no discrimination between the initial car and the more expensive options.

Mercedes-AMG GT 2020.

All versions, without exception, boast active aerodynamics with louvers in the front bumper air intake and a spoiler on the fifth door, six driving modes (Slippery, Comfort, Sport, Sport +, Race and Individual), four stabilization system presets (Basic, Advanced, Pro and Master) and the optional aerodynamics package, which includes an optimized front splitter and diffuser, as well as an adjustable wing (for a surcharge in carbon fiber).

Sales of all three modifications will begin in the summer, and later a full-fledged hybrid will be released on the market. According to rumors, its power plant will develop over 800 forces, and the hatchback will be able to drive up to 50 km on one electric traction.

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