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Mercedes CLE-Class 2023.

Mercedes CLE-Class 2023.

Mercedes CLE-Class 2023.

Unofficial rendering of the stylish Mercedes CLE convertible has been unveiled.

Long before its debut, the new Mercedes CLE-Class has been declassified: it will have a lot in common with the C-Class.

Western publications have published a rendering that helps to imagine what a Mercedes CLE coupe/convertible could be.

The computer rendering was made on the basis of «spy» photos with test prototypes of the novelty.

However, there is no confirmation of this from an official point of view at the moment.

At the moment, the German company Mercedes is working on a successor to the current C and E class.

The model will get two bodies: a coupe and a convertible. Its development has been going on for over two years.

The brand wants to reduce its car lineup and replace the two-door variants with one model, which is called CLE-Class.

Mercedes CLE-Class 2023.

The official introduction of the Mercedes CLE-Class 2023 is expected by the end of this year, but a rendering of the future sports car has already appeared.

The photo shows a model without a roof, which is between the C and E classes.

Mercedes CLE-Class 2023.

In appearance, it is the most usual convertible with four seats in the cabin.

The front end resembles the C-Class, but the new model will be longer than the two-door car.

There are no images of the coupe yet, but this body will also be available from the CLE.

The convertible is similar to the current Mercedes-AMG SL. But it will have a shorter hood because of the use of only four-cylinder engines, even in the sporty options.

Mercedes CLE-Class 2023.

It’s very difficult to tell the exact length of the model from the rendering, but there was information that the CLE will stretch out at 4.83 meters.

It could be the same as the current E-Class coupe. At first, we will only see two-door versions of CLE, but it is possible that in the future, the manufacturer will show a completely new lineup of models, which may include a successor of the current CLS.

Mercedes CLE-Class 2023.

But so far this information has not received any confirmation.

The engines will be the same ones used in the new C-Class, which means we’ll see electrification.

The car should debut before the end of this year, and the first sales will start next year.

In the meantime, we just have to wait for new information from the German brand, maybe it will prepare something grand and magnificent.

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