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Mercedes E-Class 2016

The debut of the updated Mercedes E-Class 2016.

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Which car better?

Mercedes E-Class model year 2016 has an elegant and attractive exterior. Technical specifications of the vehicle after restyling also deserve attention. The debut model is planned for 2016. Decision on start of production of the new Mercedes-Benz Guide of the German company intends to strengthen its position in the global market.


The New Face of the vehicle will be more sporty. The car will retain the same dimensions, but through the use of lightweight materials indicators weight will tend to decrease. Suspension and body parts are made of aluminum — currently helps to improve the overall speed potential of the model, as well as reduce fuel consumption.

New Mercedes E-Class in 2016 the issue will be available in a variety of body designs. Thus, the potential buyer is invited to choose between a sedan, coupe, wagon and convertible. Special attention is given sedan with a longer wheelbase.

The exterior design is traced abundance of smooth elements and an almost complete lack of sharp lines. All this allows to improve the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle. The style involves the realization of CLS sloping trunk lid and front optics, made in a fundamentally new way.



New Mercedes E-Class is built on a platform of MRA, which was developed specifically for the C-Class cars. However, this «Merce» is one of the first models sold on that basis.

With minimal weight terms, this vehicle offers maximum strength. This property is due to the use of aluminum materials in vehicle construction. Furthermore, it is assumed that the new E-class lose from 70 to 150 kg body weight due to installation of the rear-wheel gear.


What’s under the hood?

Under the hood, Mercedes E-Class can be located one of the wide range of components for power plants. Presented motors will be three, four and six-cylinder version with different power range. One variation of the gasoline engine with a nominal volume of 3 liters is capable of producing 367 horsepower This engine is equipped with a six-cylinder immediately.

Another petrol engine is characterized by a system of dual turbochargers. As a result of these ratings capability of the power plant is increased to 435 hp The line also introduced the diesel 2.9-liter engine, rated power is kept at 313 hp and 400-hp turbocharged engine.

Alternatively, planned to use a hybrid powerplant which combines a two-liter petrol or diesel engine and an electric motor capable of developing 122 hp power Provided that the use of such installations, fuel consumption drops to record three liters per 100 kilometers.

It also assumes that there are a number of power plants will be supplemented by AMG version — the developers are betting on four-liter eight-cylinder turbocharged engine, which is now established on the model of AMG GT and the C63 AMG. The engines will be paired with a nine-gearbox provided in the automatic version. Who identical version of the unit is used on the model E350.

What to expect from new items?

The status Mercedes E-Class is positioned as the best-selling model in the history of the German brand. The popularity of the car constantly tends to rise among car enthusiasts from around the world. It obliges producers to approach the creation of the next generation model, with all the responsibility. The debut of the fifth-generation Mercedes E-Class is scheduled for 2016.

With high probability the official start line production will not happen early in 2017. At the same time the supply of new products to Russia is not known. Despite this, the car is already great interest on the part of motorists. However, it can be assumed that the new generation of models will be different not only looks modern, but also improve the performance potential.

Test Drive   Mercedes E-Class 2016


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