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Mercedes EQC 2021.

Mercedes EQC 2021.

Mercedes EQC 2021.

Mercedes EQC 2021: stylish SUV with premium performance.
The management of the Mercedes-Benz company presented the new model of the electric car Mercedes EQC 2021 as the founder of a range of proprietary developments that combine the advantages of an electric drive with a body design and the interior comfort of gas-powered cars.

The assets of the promising first-generation electric car are advanced technologies, a twin-engine electric drive, running gear exclusive for its class and other features that attract attention.


In the photos and promotional videos, the 2021 Mercedes EQC demonstrates the characteristic signs of corporate design in harmonious combination with elements of futuristic style. In frontal projection, the electric car attracts attention:

• longitudinal embossed sidewalls and a gentle slope of the hood;

• complex configuration of front optics blocks;

• a massive plastic perimeter decorated with a large-size brand logo and chrome fins of the radiator false panel.

Mercedes EQC 2021.

The lower tier of the front end includes a diagonal arrangement of ventilation diffusers, a protruding bumper with a plate for a number plate and a fine-mesh mesh of the lower air duct tinted with chrome. A compact body kit completes the front end.

In the profile projection, the Mercedes EQC 2021 in the back of an SUV looks no less stylish and presentable in all respects. In sight:

• streamlined contour of a sloping roof;

• chrome-plated frame and black gloss trim of four-part glazing;

• modern mirrors, compact door handles and longitudinal profiles of body reliefs.

In the design properties and features of the sidewalls, there are wheel arches designed for the installation of large, 19-21-inch disks and a protective and decorative sill strip.

A positive visual perception of the rear side of the case is formed by the classic details of the crossover layout. Available: spoiler stop light and compact area of ​​the tilted oval window, vertical edge of the tailgate decorated with branding and embossed nameplates.

Mercedes EQC 2021.

The lower segment of the stern with two fog lamps and a complex relief of the plastic body kit is expressively and somewhat aggressively designed.

According to many participants in the presentation, the firstborn of the lineup looks prestigious and modern, so the future restyling will not bring anything new and extraordinary to the appearance of the electric car.


A characteristic feature of the interior, made in dark colors, is the premium quality of component materials, exclusive ergonomics of the seats, extended functionality of standard and additional paid options.

• The main accent of the front panel is the modular design of a virtual 12-inch instrument cluster and a display that combines media-command functions with a touch-sensitive touchpad. The activation buttons for the most frequently requested systems are located on the front surface of the multifunction sports steering wheel.

• The middle and lower floors of the dash are used for the placement of the unit of ventilation deflectors and control panels for functional and comfort-forming equipment.

It should be noted that the output characteristics of technical and electronic equipment are identical or even more perfect than those of more expensive and prestigious counterparts.

The service capabilities of the tunnel are offered by: a set of travel mode switches, a well closed with a curtain for small luggage, cup holders, organizers and a double armrest, which is also used as a cover for a mini-refrigerator.

Perfectly profiled, ergonomic seats in the first row are equipped with crossover lateral bolsters, heating and cooling circuits for seats, and several tuning ranges. The declared status of a three-seater sofa is called into question by the narrow center seat and the high ridge of the central tunnel.

Mercedes EQC 2021.

This lack of rear seats to some extent compensates for the reclining backrest, the presence of a folding armrest and air deflectors. Despite the electric vehicle layout, the new body offers a spacious 500-liter trunk.


The Mercedes EQC 2021 differs from the same type of branded counterparts in the case extended to 4761 mm. The width and height of the new electric car are 1884 and 1624 mm, respectively.

The chassis is characterized by a base length of 2873 mm and a sporty 120 mm ground clearance typical of high-speed cars.

The basis of the novelty is the modified all-wheel drive platform MRA from the GLC series model range, complete with stabilizers, independent link suspensions, effective disc brakes and active safety systems.

The dynamic acceleration and speed parameters of the electric car are provided by a total power of 408 hp. two asynchronous motors powered by a modular storage battery with an energy capacity of 80 kW / h.

Mercedes EQC 2021.

The test drive confirmed the time to reach the first «hundred square meters» 5.1 seconds, limited by electronic blocking maximum speed up to 180 km / h and a cruising range of more than 400 km.

Options and prices

Abroad, the new Mercedes-Benz EQC 2021 model year was initially announced in a non-alternative basic configuration, with an initial cost of 70 thousand units of European currency. The price will also be determined by the functionality of the special options.

Sales start in Russia

Cars with full electric drive in our regions are in demand in limited quantities. The main reasons for this phenomenon are the high cost, difficult climatic conditions and the lack of an extensive network of charging terminals.

With a high degree of probability, the release date of the new German electric car in Russia will not be realized in the foreseeable future.

Competing models

Electrically powered models are featured on the product range of many automotive brands. The Jaguar I-Pace, Audi e-tron, Volvo XC40 and BMW iX3 class models are declared as real competitors.

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