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Mercedes EQS Drive Pilot 2022.

Mercedes EQS Drive Pilot 2022.

Mercedes EQS Drive Pilot 2022.

Mercedes EQS Drive Pilot 2022. Mercedes EQS and S-Class get Level 3 autonomous driving technology in Germany.

Such autopilot will cost buyers of German cars a little more than $5,000.

Mercedes has become the first automaker to launch a Level 3 semi-autonomous driving system with «valid international certification.»

The system, known as Drive Pilot, will be available for order in Germany starting May 17 at a price of 5,000 euros for the S-Class and EQS.

In the case of the latter model, the customer will also have to buy the Driver Assistance Package Plus for 2,430 euros.

Although the system is not cheap, Drive Pilot allows for «conditional automation,» which means that «the system handles all aspects of the driving task, with the driver being able to take over the controls if necessary.»

More importantly, as SAE International notes, drivers are no longer required to constantly monitor the vehicle under certain conditions.

Mercedes EQS Drive Pilot 2022.

In the case of Drive Pilot, these are, for example, «situations with heavy traffic or congestion on suitable sections of freeways in Germany at speeds of up to 60 km/h».

These are usually some of the most stressful situations on the road, but Mercedes owners will be able to relax, play games or even work while the car drives itself.

Mercedes EQS Drive Pilot 2022.

To this end, the vehicles are equipped with lidar, cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors, as well as a high-precision map with centimeter accuracy.

All of this information allows the vehicle to know exactly where it is and what obstacles are nearby.

Mercedes EQS Drive Pilot 2022.

Since safety is of paramount importance when it comes to highly automated vehicles, there are plenty of provisions for dealing with possible malfunctions.

Even in the event of a malfunction, the system can still safely transfer control of the vehicle to the driver.

If the driver does not react within ten seconds, the system will automatically stop the vehicle in a way that is safe for both the vehicle and other road users.

Mercedes EQS Drive Pilot 2022.

A video published by the company showed that the new system only works on German autobahns of just over 13,000 kilometers.

It’s not much, but the system’s capabilities are likely to expand in the future, and Mercedes noted that they aim to get regulatory approval for Drive Pilot in California and Nevada by the end of the year.

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