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Mercedes Gelandewagen 2016

What to expect from Mercedes Gelandewagen 2016?

New car models, photos of new cars.

Start selling the next generation Mercedes Gelandewagen is scheduled for 2017. At the same time the official presentation of the model to the world public will be held in 2016, and some data on Autonovelties already leaked to the network. Currently underway are working to change the appearance and performance of the new Mercedes Gelandewagen 2016 model year.

After restyling legendary car with a high potential for cross will become even stronger and more attractive. This iconic model enjoys great popularity among motorists, so are more likely to debut new Gelendvagen make a splash in certain circles.


Exterior model.

The exterior of the car can be traced integrity of design ideas. Gelendvagen 2016 retains its angularity. Making body of the new generation will differ little from the earlier model. The company’s designers decided not to move away from the basic concept based on flat windscreen and side windows with a minimum angle of inclination, coarse massive bumpers, as well as the most simple external panels.

Gelendvagen 2016 will count on a solid shape and angular lines.
The main structural changes in the body can be called the integration of the aluminum frame. Today’s version of the SUV have a steel base — the application will minimize the level of aluminum weights, which has a positive impact on the potential speed of the vehicle. This design feature has reduced the total weight of the SUV almost 200 kg.

The new generation of Mercedes Gelandewagen becomes wider at 100 mm. Now, this figure will be equal to 1860 mm. In this way the producers want to increase the stability of the vehicle on the road. It should also be noted that the height of the new off-road vehicle will tend to decrease, but at the potential Gelendvagen this feature does not affect in any way.


Interior models.

The interior of the cabin also underwent significant changes. From the installation of the update should be noted an improved dashboard, the dimensions of which have been adapted to the new dimensions of the SUV. Mercedes Gelandewagen 2016 model year will also be characterized by the presence of leather upholstery, sverhinformativnymi optitronnymi devices and multifunction steering wheel. The latter is the combined finishing of leather and wood.



The operational features of the new generation of Mercedes Gelandewagen undergone a significant change. For example, a car with an increased level of cross-get their hands on the new four-link front suspension. Unlike trehrychazhnoy variations, working with uncut front axle Four-link suspension will work with the updated steering.
As befits a traditional SUV, the new Gelendvagen 2016 will be equipped with all-wheel drive with differential lock option. This new braking system will have a disk performance, which will improve the effectiveness of its work. Something is known about the engine which will be completed after the SUV restyling.

• The base powerplant will be used petrol 3-liter 367-horsepower engine with six cylinders. The alternative in this case would be 315-hp 2.9-liter turbodiesel. In both cases, the level of torque will be 480 Nm.
• Optionally available are a few versions of the components of power units. One of them will be a 4-liter 465-horsepower gasoline engine with Twin Turbo. Peak torque eight-cylinder engine will make a record of 600 Nm.
• Another engine presented in the motor line at the nominal volume of 5.4 liters will be able to produce 577 hp This variation of the power plant will also have eight versions.
• Named motors will be aggregated nine-automatic transmission, which today is used in models of Mercedes-Benz GLS. A characteristic feature of this unit can be called a control option in standalone mode.


Already in the basic version SUV will differ by a large number of useful features to improve ride comfort. In particular, the potential buyer is invited to four-zone climate control system, voice control system and high-quality audio preimum class.
Special attention should install GSM-phone. In addition, the developers have taken care of the installation of additional cameras and parking sensors that facilitate the procedure for parking and driving in reverse. Also, a lot of attention was paid to ensuring occupant safety while driving.

Prospects for new items

The new generation of Mercedes Gelandewagen will initially be available on the North American and European automotive markets. And only in the case of the successful debut of the SUV can be seen on the territory of the former Soviet Union. Presentation of new products planned for the end of 2016 and the start line production — at the beginning of 2017. It is expected that the production of Mercedes Gelandewagen will last until 2027. At the same time after the 2022 model will be assembled in Stuttgart, not in Graz.


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