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Mercedes GLC 2022.

Mercedes GLC 2022.

Mercedes GLC 2022.

Mercedes GLC 2022: new look for compact European crossover.
A regular restyling of the most popular models is considered a matter of principle at Mercedes.

That is why a new generation of the model is planned for the markets of different countries of the world after a modest facelift of a compact luxury crossover hiding behind the GLC abbreviation.

Stylish and elegant Mercedes GLC 2022 will perfectly suit both experienced drivers and beginners and will not leave without attention in the stream.

A comfortable, modern interior and outstanding underhood characteristics will make the operation of the novelty not only comfortable, but also in all respects pleasant.


The opportunity to take pictures of the novelty without camouflage appeared not so long ago, but even on them it is clear that the car will get a brand new body with lots of decorative elements, sustained, however, in the style of the brand, which, according to the designers’ idea, will make a compact crossover suitable for both men and women of all ages.

The front part of the new model is the most affected by the update. It has become pleasantly rounded rather than brutal, although it has kept a small height and average dimensions.

Wide uprights of sloping windshield perfectly harmonize with the powerful hood cover, slightly tilted forward and having raised relief in the center.

It literally rests against the plumb oval radiator grille, which contains many chrome cells and a wide horizontal slat with the Mercedes symbol in the middle.

Mercedes GLC 2022.

Compared to this element, the drop-shaped headlights with high-quality LED filling seem quite small.

But the dodger continues the tradition of brutality and, although it does not protrude strongly beyond the external dimensions of the body, can boast muscular height transitions, three air intakes, a platform for the license plate and not so noticeable, but a formidable protective insert in the lower part.

Profile of Mercedes GLC 2022 looks a little heavier than before, due to the massive front fenders and sloping roof, which shape is emphasized by large rails.

The window shape hasn’t changed that much; it still includes fairly large, regular-shaped windows in glossy, thin trim and separated by glossy struts as well.

To the rear of the body this line slightly rises, bringing the view to the unpretentious smooth relief, passing in slightly protruding wheel arches with interesting discs and slightly widened sills with solid black plastic protection.

The redesigned mirrors on sleek, slim legs and slightly more visible door handles complete the look.

Mercedes GLC 2022.

The back of the new body doesn’t shine with lots of interesting elements and is designed in a completely classical style.

It starts with a large rounded visor spoiler over an oval window, passing in a stepped relief to the main part of the door.

Here you can find stylish «crystals» of redesigned parking lights and a stamping for the registration plate.

The bodykit is quite simple, and includes a black insert with a complex shape, in which the protective plate and two oval chrome nozzles of the exhaust system are successfully integrated.


Noticeable interior improvements of the new Mercedes GLC 2022 model year is not expected, in fact, the previous generation could boast of decent trim materials, which include leather, tough plastic and inserts made of metal and wood, as well as advanced multimedia equipment.

Mercedes GLC 2022.

However, minor changes will affect the steering wheel, dashboard and seating configuration.

Controls and controls

On the central console will be used elements, partially borrowed from modern models of the C-class.

In particular, the steering wheel rim and the set of buttons on its side spokes will be slightly changed.

The digital instrument panel should become a little more expressive, and the touchscreen of the command and entertainment complex — more responsive and informative.

Everything else: a set of round branded deflectors, a block to work with the climate system and a small strip of physical buttons in the middle — will change the location a little, but will strongly resemble the previous generation.

Mercedes GLC 2022.

The central tunnel will retain its shape and dimensions, as well as the technical panel with the original transmission switch, organizers under the curtains and a multifunctional comfortable armrest.

Seating and trunk

Despite the fact that the car is slightly longer than its predecessor, engineers decided to keep the five-seat layout, with the driver and each passenger getting a little more space around their seats.

They assume a little bit lower seating than before, comfortable anatomic shape and quite soft filling.

At the same time, the front row will retain heating, electric position adjustments, and in some configurations — massage and ventilation.

Rear sofa you can still slightly adjust «for yourself» by changing the position of the backrest and using multifunctional armrest in the absence of the central passenger.

As for the trunk capacity, here, as test drive showed, no special changes are expected: 580 liters in camping position and almost twice as much with the sofa back down.


A wide range of «soft-hybrid» power-units with total efficiency from 197 to 249 «horses» is prepared for Mercedes GLC 2022.

Diesel versions are refined to environmental requirements actual for Europe, their output will be from 195 to 245 hp.

The transmission will remain only automatic — 7 or 9 steps, but the drive can be chosen: either front or all-wheel drive.

All updated vehicles will show good road holding and decent fuel economy, in addition, all-wheel drive versions should be quite suitable for conquering the easy off-road.

Options and prices

The initial price of the novelty is close to the psychological mark of 5 million rubles, and for the top version will have to pay already two times more money.

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