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Mercedes GLC (GLK) in 2016

Mercedes GLC (GLK) in 2016 is preparing for the premiere!

New car models, photos of new cars.

The history of all-wheel drive crossover Mersedes GLK began in 2008 year — already promised his series of cars be a breakthrough for the group. However, the line is not quite live up to expectations.

Model of the coming 2016, is actively discussed since last summer (it was then GLK II first got into camera lenses during the test drive) has the potential to change this. According to the group, the new car has to be the most advanced in the segment.

Today judge the model, we can only by the pictures, but we can say that the car has become larger than their predecessors, and perhaps more pleasant to the eye. Significantly changed and technical accessories. Apart from the main characteristics of this model it is also changing the labeling — as opposed to the previous line of cars, a new car called the GLC, but not GLK. The amended letter gives a reference to the C-Class, which has become the basis for crossover. The working name of the model — X205.


Exterior new Mersedes GLC

Assembling cars on the platform of the C-Class determines the direction in which the model is changed: in comparison with its prototype, Mersedes GLC 2016 lost weight 8.5% — this is due to the use in the construction of a large number of aluminum. However, as already mentioned, the car itself becomes more dimensional. New Mercedes less edgy — he purchased the smoothness of the lines became more rational in terms of aerodynamics and certainly more appealing visually.

The new model car has got a long wheelbase that allows you to increase the size of the trunk and make a more spacious interior. Also changed the height and the roof line, as well as the outline of the grille. Several mutated lights — Merce GLC purchased fashionable lately elements of sportiness. In general we can say that in the last photo and concept car looks dynamic and modernized.

The interior of the updated model

Interior Mersedes GLC has been modified according to the needs of customers. In the coming year it will be transformed for the better — now it’s spacious interior, executed with German thoroughness and attention to detail: a beautiful leather interior, ample comfortable seating and minimalist made dashboard, where nothing is superfluous.
Familiar lever is replaced by a variator. At the top of the instrument panel is located 8.4-inch screen, slide-out when the ignition is equipped with a touchscreen and touchpad.


Specifications Mersedes GLC 2016

For all the many changes, the technical characteristics of new items a little different from its predecessor — the drive system, gearbox and other important point will remain unchanged. This means that Mersedes GLC previous models retain the characteristic stability on the road, cross-country, high-end suspension, providing a feeling of «diving», and the ability to customize the machine for all weather and road conditions.

Like all the cars of the concern, the default Mersedes GLC 2016 model year provided all developed by active and passive safety systems, intelligent. Most of the features of the new model — the improved and modified options are specific to older versions. The novelty are the following useful features:

System Comand Online;
special light switch and the light;
heated seats;
built into the instrument panel interior lighting;
review of 360 degrees provided by video cameras;
Automatic Transmission;
warning Lane Keeping and control of «dead zones».


Parameters of the new Mercedes GLC depends on the configuration:

The base (or cost) version will be equipped with a diesel 4-cylinder engine (volume — 2.2 liters, the expected output — 170 horsepower).
Average option has a greater engine output (211 «horses»), and is equipped with a turbocharger.
The top version of the engine boasts a capacity of 3.5 liter, six-cylinder engine and final capacity of 249 horsepower.
Engines have also undergone profound changes — fuel consumption has decreased by a quarter, and all this — in a total increase in capacity.

Price Mersedes GLC

Presentation Mersedes GLC is scheduled for this autumn, after which the car goes on sale in European showrooms. For Russia, this model will be available no earlier than the winter of 2016. The cost of basic kit is supposed to date, is not less than 2.1 mln. Rubles .. Estimated price top configuration is expected in the region of 2.9 mln. Rubles.

Test drive Mersedes GLC 2016

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