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Mercedes GLE Coupe 2020.

Мерседес GLE Coupe 2020...

Mercedes GLE Coupe 2020.

Mercedes GLE Coupe 2020. The official presentation of the new Mercedes GLE Coupe 2020 will take place very soon — at the September auto show in Frankfurt, Germany. Mercedes-Benz announced the release of the GLE coupe-like modification, and to create intrigue before the premiere, it released an official teaser in which it showed only … part of the rear optics of the new car.

At the same time, the authors of the commercial left a very short but capacious comment, promising that the new product would be “similar to a coupe, but more luxurious than the usual“ GLE ”.

Мерседес GLE Coupe 2020...

The first details of the new generation

The fashion for coupe-like crossovers and clear claims to dominance in this class of BMW with its new model X6 2020 force many automakers to force the development of their SUVs, but in the case of Mercedes, this direction, surprisingly, received very little attention.

The first version of the coupe for the M-class renamed GLE appeared only in 2015 as a version with the body index C292.

The market situation continues to require more active actions, so after the presentation of the new generation Mercedes GLE Coupe 2020 base model (the fourth for the M-class and the second for the GLE), the company from Stuttgart began to prepare the SUV modification coupe.

Data on the engine range for the new coupe were known a year ago. In the line, both gasoline and diesel units will be exactly represented:
2.0, gasoline, turbo, 258 l. from.;
3.0, gasoline, turbo, 367 l. from.;
2.0, diesel, turbo, 245 l. from.;
2.9, diesel, turbo, 330 l. from.

Мерседес GLE Coupe 2020...


In the Mercedes GLE Coupe 2020 model year, by analogy with the base version, two 12.3-inch touchscreens will be installed, one of which will help control the modern multimedia complex MBUX, and the second will take on the role of a digital dashboard.

Among the interesting technical “lotions” is the voice control function, which has the makings of a neural network, that is, self-learning during operation.
One of the main trump cards of the entire GL line from Mercedes is the innovative air suspension with the E-Active Body Control function, which allows you to independently adjust the height of the position of any of the four wheel racks.

At the same time, in stand-alone mode, a special stereo camera «studies» the roughness of the road surface and tells the system the necessary current settings. Such a suspension works from a 48-volt electrical system.

Unfortunately, this function is not provided for the Mercedes GLE Coupe 2020, which are supplied to the Russian market, even optionally. At the same time, the manufacturer assures that the proper “pneuma” will provide the proper comfort of movement in conditions that do not provide for driving over rough terrain.

Мерседес GLE Coupe 2020...


There is very little time left until the premiere of the Mercedes GLE Coupe 2020, so journalists at most major automotive publications are vying with each other to predict and guess what the new Mercedes crossover will be like.

Many agree that the overall styling of the exterior design will be taken from the basic version, but the beveled rear of the roof will certainly affect the architecture of the stern. However, the first images of the modified rear optics already testify to this.

No surprises are expected in the front — it will remain the same as on the regular GLE, although the use of minor design “markers” is not ruled out, which would make it easier to identify the coupe in front.

Мерседес GLE Coupe 2020...

Features of the upper part of the new body with a large angle of the struts will affect the area of ​​the side glazing. Will German engineers make it more by raising the window sill? The answer to this question we learn only during the official presentation of the Mercedes GLE Coupe 2020 in Russia.

The first production versions of the Mercedes GLE Coupe are expected in early 2020. The coupe-shaped crossover will immediately be available to Europeans, and after a few months, a novelty can be expected in Russian car dealerships.

For reference, the current version of the 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE in Russia is offered in three versions (300 d, 400 d and 450), the cost of which varies from 4.7-6.3 million rubles. The version most likely will cost a soft hybrid 3.0 V6, issuing 367 liters. from. and 500 Nm of torque.

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