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Mercedes Maybach 2021.

Mercedes Maybach 2021.

Mercedes Maybach 2021.

Mercedes Maybach 2021: Stylish and luxurious sedan with solid performance.

In recent years, German craftsmen from Stuttgart rarely delight their fans with new products from the premium segment, which is why the 2021 Mercedes Maybach has become so expected in the automotive world that it was presented in two corners of the world at once: North America and China.

The new model successfully combines a bright, athletic appearance, a luxurious interior and outstanding engine compartment characteristics, which will allow the car to compete on equal terms in the elite segment with representatives of the German «big three», while remaining quite recognizable.

At the same time, some solutions related to the design of external projections and internal space are ahead of their time and allow the machine to be considered an innovative development.


The appearance of the new body turned out to be not just luxurious, but deliberately expensive.

The enormous dimensions of the lighting and air intake elements, the abundance of chrome, the smooth lines of the body contours — all this in combination provides the unique charm of a prestigious car with a touch of sportiness.

Mercedes Maybach 2021.

The front end came out brightest on the Mercedes Maybach 2021 model. It is set low, but very long and wide, which emphasizes the sporty appearance of the car.

Under the huge, strongly tilted windshield is a generously flavored bonnet lid with a traditionally raised center section.

Immediately in front of it flaunts the icon of the Mercedes brand, and just below it — a “smiling” air intake grille with one vertical and three horizontal slats, between which there is a fine mesh of the pattern.

All this, as well as the wide edging, is generously flavored with chrome.

On the right and left, the grille is «supported» by large ovals of multi-section LED headlights, which can be additionally decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Below the body kit, consisting of a variety of aerodynamic transitions, begins, and chrome decorative elements that designate stylish rectangular slots along the edges of the bumper and a more strict trapezoid with a platform for a license plate in the middle fit into all this.

Restyling significantly increased the length of the novelty, which affected the visual perception of the lateral projection of the German sedan.

Smooth roof lines merge into rather large, rounded side windows with wide pillars and thin edging.

Below, all this harmoniously continues the smooth relief with brightly contoured sills and circular wheel arches, and rounded mirrors with turn signal repeaters, retractable door handles of a futuristic look and new huge wheel disks complement the look.

The feed of the novelty, judging by the photo, is particularly elegant. Under the heavily tilted glass sits a small tailgate piled back with a branded star near the top edge.

Below there are triangular large side lights, united by a chrome strip, as well as an elegant semicircular stamping under the license plate.

Mercedes Maybach 2021.

The body kit is modestly executed and contains narrow stripes of fog lights, parking sensors, and a small metal diffuser at the bottom with two chrome ovals of the exhaust pipes.


For the new Mercedes Maybach 2021 model year, the designers have prepared excellent finishing materials: premium leather, several types of plastic and wood and metal inserts.

However, this is not the main innovation of the model: the architecture of the front panel has fundamentally changed, new assistants for the driver have appeared, and the seats have become even more comfortable than before.

Control and management bodies

For the first time in a long time, the center console of the car is made in the form of a separate digital instrument panel and a large square of the multimedia section.

Management of this work of German masters is completely touch-sensitive, but at the bottom of the screen there is also a narrow strip of auxiliary buttons.

Nearby there are vents of the usual shape and a mighty central tunnel containing, in addition to an armrest and organizers, another multimedia device in the form of a tablet.

And above the driver is a large head-up display that complements the information from the instrument panel.

The steering wheel of the flagship Mercedes has a configuration familiar to fans of the brand: a small but wide rim, a rounded core and a bunch of auxiliary buttons on the side spokes.

Seats and trunk

The car is designed for four riders, and each will have access to the most comfortable chair, upholstered in soft leather with a whole bunch of options from heating and massage to ideal position adjustment using almost 20 electric motors.

Mercedes Maybach 2021.

Rear passengers have access to their own climate control, monitors in the backs of the front seats, as well as a convenient tunnel with a bar and their own entertainment system.

The volume of the trunk for this car is not very important, however, here, too, the Germans tried to surpass their own achievement, increasing the volume from 530 to 550 liters.


For the Mercedes Maybach 2021, engineers have prepared a new modular platform with a fully steerable chassis and two air suspension options.

Of the motors, it is worth noting a six-cylinder 2.9-liter turbodiesel with 286 «horses», which can be paired with both all-wheel drive and only rear-wheel drive.

Mercedes Maybach 2021.

All other power plants are exclusively coupled with a 4×4 system. So, a turbodiesel of the same volume will already show 330 forces, and a three-liter gasoline power unit — already 367 or 435.

With all the variety of engines, the transmission is the same for all: a nine-speed full-fledged «automatic».
A little later, a «hybrid» is likely to appear. But four-cylinder units in Europe should not be expected, but they will be offered, for example, to Chinese buyers.

As the test drive showed, the car will perfectly cope with driving around the city and the highway, demonstrating relatively low fuel consumption.

Options and prices

Five trim levels of the new Maybach can be presented in various markets, and each can be supplemented with corresponding packages.

The price in rubles for the simplest version will be approximately 11.2 million. The most sophisticated cars will cost 8 million more units of the Russian currency.

Competing models

The rivals of the «German» are traditional — the Audi S8, as well as the BMW 7-series.

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