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Mercedes-Maybach S-Class 2023.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class 2023.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class 2023.

The luxury Mercedes-Maybach S-Class 2023 with a design by Virgilo Ablo has been unveiled.

Together with the famous fashion guru Virgilo Ablo, this version of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class luxury sedan of the 2023 model year has been developed.

Only a limited number of copies of the German car will be produced.

At the end of 2021, the premium Mercedes-Maybach division surprised everyone when it unveiled its Project Maybach concept, which was created together with the famous designer Virgil Ablo.

Mr. Abloh passed away last September. As representatives of the German brand say, thanks to Mr. Abloh’s work, the Mercedes-Maybach will be able to get an unparalleled version.

This version of the luxury German sedan is the result of the joint work of the talented designer and Mercedes-Maybach.

Unlike the previously shown Maybach project, which was a concept created mainly for car shows, the new designer version of the Maybach sedan drawn by Virgil Ablo himself will be a production model that can be freely purchased from brand dealers in some countries.

It will be based on the Maybach S-Class S version of the 2023 model year, and a total of 39 examples will be assembled.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class 2023.

To create the incredible design for the luxury car, Mr. Ablo worked directly with Gorden Wagenen, who is Mercedes-Benz’s chief designer.

The car was finalized in 2021, before Ablo’s untimely death in November.

Virgil Ablo’s Maybach S-Class exterior features a unique two-tone color scheme with a beige main color and contrasting black roof, hood and pillars.

There will be only 150 of them: the unique Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is shown.

The famous designer and fashion designer Virgil Ablo worked on the sedan.

Last December, Mercedes-Benz revealed its latest joint project with Virgil Ablo, founder of the Off-White label, called Project Maybach.

And now, four months later, the company is talking again about this fruitful collaboration.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class 2023.

Together with the capsule collection of clothes and accessories, the Mercedes-Maybach S680 sedan in a limited Maybach by Virgil Abloh version is presented, work on which was completed even before the death of the fashion designer.

The four-door will come out in 150 copies and will be sold only at Off-Whit, Farfetch and Maybach Icons of Luxury online stores, as well as in selected Off-White stores.

The Mercedes-Maybach S680 sedan by Virgil Abloh is painted in a combination of two colors created specifically for the six-meter Project Maybach show car.

The sides, both bumpers and forged wheels of the car are made in sand color.

The hood, roof, pillars and trunk lid are in glossy Obsidian Black.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class 2023.

The same color scheme was chosen for the interior, upholstered in nappa leather. The double Mercedes-Maybach and Virgil Abloh logos are on the center console, cushions, headrests and sills.

Another innovation — another graphic of the media system MBUX: the home button, the logo and profile avatar are drawn differently.

All buyers of the sedan are promised a wooden box with leather trimming.

It will contain a replica of their car in 1:8 scale, two keys and a carbine. Finally, the standard equipment will include a branded cover.

Under the hood, as before, will be V12 6.0 biturbo engine, developing 612 horsepower and 900 Nm of torque.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class 2023.

Transmission is a nine-band automatic.
The special edition Mercedes-Maybach S680 is the third and final joint project of Mercedes-Benz and Virgil Ablo.

The world-renowned designer died last year of cancer, leaving behind a rich legacy.

In addition to the Project Maybach coupe, the Project Geländewagen SUV was also part of his legacy.

The latter can be described both as a sculpture and as a racing car for circuit racing, completely devoid of any external gloss.

The «Geländewagen» in Ablo’s reading is a minimalistic interior, the steering wheel from the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar and 25-inch Monoblock wheels.

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