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Mercedes S-Class 2021.

Mercedes S-Class 2021.

Mercedes S-Class 2021.

Mercedes S-Class 2021: new interior and advanced electronics.

The executive sedan Mercedes S-class in the back of the W222 lasted seven years on the market, finding more than 500 thousand buyers.

Now it is being replaced by a new model with the index W223, and this is the seventh generation of the flagship of the German brand, which is a trendsetter in the luxury car segment.

Information about the new product began to appear on the network long before the official presentation, but the covers were finally dropped on September 2. The new S-Class 2021 brings together even more innovative comfort and safety solutions, improving in every aspect of its predecessor.

The new generation of the sedan is being produced at the recently built Factory 56 in Sindelfingen. The enterprise is interesting in that there is no traditional conveyor, and the assembly is carried out using unmanned transport platforms.

The plant is characterized by a high degree of automation and fully electronic document flow. Serial production of cars will be launched in September, and in the middle of the month it is planned to start accepting orders for the model. Sedans will appear in dealerships by the end of this year.

The new Mercedes S-Class W223 will arrive in Russia at the beginning of 2021, at the same time the ruble prices and vehicle equipment will be known.

Mercedes S-Class 2021.

External appearance

The modifications made outside are of a local nature, so that the «Esca» remained unambiguously recognizable and easily identifiable as a representative of the Mercedes line.

In the bow, the grille has slightly increased in size and received a slightly different design. The headlights have got new graphics with a revised structure of the three-point navigation lights. In the top trim levels, the Mercedes S-Class will be equipped with high-tech optics Digital Light with a variety of rotating micromirrors capable of projecting various auxiliary symbols onto the road.

The feed has changed even stronger than the «front end». The taillights have acquired a triangular shape and are partially located on the trunk lid. The bumper received a different plastic, retaining the trapezoidal tips of the exhaust pipes.

The sedan’s profile has remained the same — the long wheelbase and optimal overhangs provide the car with almost perfect proportions. The embossing lines on the body sidewalls have been adjusted to improve the play of light.

The new 2021 S-Class is the first Mercedes to feature hidden door handles. They extend when the driver approaches or touches the outer surface.

Mercedes S-Class 2021.

Conservative customers will be able to keep the more familiar classic pens. The sedan’s streamlining is one of the best in its class, with a Cx coefficient of just 0.22. This is less than the restyled car of the previous generation, although the frontal area has even slightly increased.

Another model in the back of the W223 has added in dimensions relative to its predecessor. The version with a conventional wheelbase now has a center distance of 3106 mm (+71 mm), length — 5179 mm (+54 mm), width — 1954 mm (+55 mm), height — 1503 mm (+12 mm).

The long wheelbase version Long from front to rear axle now has 3216 mm (+51 mm) and length is 5289 mm (+34 mm). Width and height as standard. By the way, it is the sedan with an increased wheelbase that is in higher demand in the world — it is chosen by 9 out of 10 buyers.


If the appearance of the S-class has not changed so much, then a large-scale restructuring took place in the cabin. The dashboard and media center screens are no longer located together, but separately, with the central display measuring 12.8 inches in portrait orientation.

It is entrusted with all the functions of controlling the on-board systems: climate, seat settings, etc. There are very few physical buttons on the console, and they are all collected at the bottom in a compact unit. The second generation MBUX offers enhanced voice and gesture recognition capabilities.

The digital assistant, in fact, conducts a full-fledged dialogue with the driver and at the same time reacts not only to his movements, but also to the gestures of passengers.

In addition to the screen of the standard multimedia complex, there are four more displays: a 12.3-inch instrument cluster, two screens for rear passengers, a removable touchpad in the armrest of the second-row seats.

Plus, a head-up display in two versions is added here. The enhanced version creates large animated prompts and projects the data directly onto the lane.

Mercedes S-Class 2021.

The seats in the new Mercedes S-Class allow you to sit just like a king. The front seats in the most advanced configuration each receive 19 electric motors responsible for adjusting the position, massage and ventilation.

The airbags are now located closer to the upholstery surface, making them easier to control. There are ten massage programs in total. At the back, there are five seat configurations with three or two seats. Separate armchairs with retractable ottomans and neck warmer function transform the back row into a real seating area.

The list of options for the new model also includes animated ambient lighting, four-zone climate control, and Burmester surround sound system.

Among the electronic assistants is an autonomous valet who knows how to park a car without the presence of a driver in the cabin.

In 2021, the range of assistance systems will be supplemented by the third level of the Drive Pilot, who takes control of the car while driving on the highway.

Following the modernization, the trunk of the sedan has increased in volume and now holds 550 liters (+20 liters).

Mercedes S-Class 2021.

Specifications Mercedes S-Class 2021

The new generation S-class is based on the modular MRA II platform. As standard, the four-door is equipped with Airmatic air suspension, and for a surcharge, the E-Active Body Control hydropneumatic suspension with individually adjustable shock absorbers is available.

There is also an optionally available full-steering chassis with rear wheels turning at a certain angle (up to 10 degrees).

From the start of sales, the buyer will be able to choose between the following modifications:

• Mercedes-Benz S 350 d — a 2.9 liter diesel engine (286 hp, 600 Nm);

• Mercedes-Benz S 400 d — 2.9 liter turbodiesel (330 HP, 700 Nm);

• Mercedes-Benz S 450 — 3.0 liter gasoline engine (367 hp, 500 Nm);

• Mercedes-Benz S 500 — 3.0 liter unit (435 HP, 520 Nm).

All engines are supercharged in-line «sixes» working in conjunction with a 9-speed «automatic» 9G-Tronic.

Hybrid superstructure in the form of a 48-volt EQ Boost starter-generator with a return of 22 hp. and 250 Nm (added during acceleration) is only reserved for petrol versions.

Only the basic Mercedes-Benz S 350 d will receive an alternative to all-wheel drive layout with the building drive wheels.

Fuel consumption, depending on the version of the sedan, will be 6.4-9.5 liters per 100 km.

In the future, the Mercedes S-Class 2021 family will be replenished with a modification of the Mercedes-Maybach, a «charged» version of the S 63 and a plug-in hybrid with an electric range of about 100 km.

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