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MG Cyberster 2022.

MG Cyberster 2022.

MG Cyberster 2022.

MG, which is owned by SAIC and General Motors, has unveiled the Cyberster electric hypercar concept. At the same time, the official debut of the car will take place during the Shanghai Motor Show in 10 days.

The presented novelty has a 2-door body with a strongly elongated front part. The car aims to showcase the design and technology features that MG plans to use in its future models.

Remarkably, the new hypercar is somewhat similar to the sports cars that the British brand produced in the 60s.

It is reported that when developing the Cyberster body, engineers focused on improving aerodynamic performance.

Apparently, that is why the hood of the hypercar is strongly elongated, which bends down towards the end, and the wide air intake.

The shape of the latter is such that it seems as if the British novelty is smiling. The second important body part of the hypercar is located at the stern.

Here is the original spoiler for increased downforce. There are also 2 diffusers at the back, which, when combined with custom lights and a number of other details, create a futuristic look.

Another interesting detail is the headlamps. They are oval shaped and integrated into the large wheel fenders. If necessary, the driver can pick them up.

MG Cyberster 2022.

The technical characteristics of the new

MG Cyberster have not yet been published. But the European media insists that the British hypercar, built on a custom architecture designed for electric cars, will receive electric motors that can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds.

The built-in battery will allow you to drive about 800 kilometers without recharging. Also, the on-board equipment will support the 5G communication format.

MG Motor, owned by the Chinese automaker SAIC, has completely unveiled the design of the Cyberster concept electric roadster, with which it intends to shine at the Shanghai Motor Show that opens on April 19.

MG Cyberster 2022.

The serial sports car may become in 2024, when the MG brand will celebrate its centenary.
Prior to being taken over by the Chinese in 2005, the MG brand was known as a manufacturer of elegant two-seater sports cars, mostly with an open body.

These cars were popular in the United States in the post-war years and, together with other British roadsters, set a new trend in the American auto industry at that time — they gave birth to the Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Thunderbird.

But under the wing of SAIC, the British brand switched to the production of ordinary cars (sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers) and did not remember sports cars.

MG Cyberster 2022.

In China, MG is now a strong middle peasant of the market, selling about 300 thousand cars a year, while in recent years the brand has been strongly focused on export, its cars are sold in India, the Middle East and Australia.

In Europe, until recently, the brand was presented only in the UK, and since this year it has been actively storming the mainland with electric vehicles: in March, the MG Marvel R Electric crossover and the MG 5 Electric station wagon were presented in Europe.

In general, MG Motor’s business is now going uphill and the company’s management is thinking about the image component of success, and therefore decided to recall the past of the MG brand and fantasize about the new roadster.

Last week MG showed computer drawings of the Cyberster concept, and today it showed full photographs of it, including the interior.

MG Cyberster 2022.

Cyberster was developed in the London studio of MG, that is, ostensibly with a focus on European tastes and values, but the premiere of the car will still take place in China, not in Europe.

According to the developers, in the design of the Cyberster you can see the features of the classic MGB roadster, developed in the early 60s of the last century and became one of the most popular models of the British brand.

In fact, apart from the conventionally round headlights, decorative stripes and the Cyberster emblem, nothing connects with MGB: the London designers came out with a typical modern show car in Asian style with a cobweb of a radiator grille meaningless for an electric car, giant wheels and without rear-view mirrors (they are replaced by cameras).

The salon, as usual, lacks physical buttons, with colorful touch screens and a pseudo-racing wheel instead of the usual round steering wheel, which would be much more appropriate to stimulate nostalgic feelings for MGB.

Of the technical characteristics, only the cruising range on one charge is announced so far — 800 km, and the acceleration time to 100 km / h is less than three seconds.

The press release does not say anything directly about the plans for the serial production of Cyberster, but a hint is given that such a model may still appear by the centenary of the MG brand.

The decision will largely depend on the public reaction to Cyberster. However, if she doesn’t like the design, then until 2024 there is still time to completely redo it.

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