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Mini Clubman 2016.

Mini Clubman 2016.

Mini Clubman 2016.

More Mini, more space. Here is the second generation of four-wagon full of British Mini Clubman 2016.

Mini Clubman 2016
Not so long ago, Mini Company presented to the public the second generation Mini Klubman. It is noteworthy that the novelty has received full rear doors and became the largest in the history of the brand.

Agree, pretty amazing to see the Mini in the role of a universal everyday car, designed for five passengers.

Mini Clubman 2016.
As befits a car of this brand, model Clubman received a vivid and unique body design. Ahead, round fog lights, a small grille and air intakes «boarded» in chrome-plated frame.

On each side of the bumper have found their refuge foglights and air intakes for the front brakes. From a distance, full-face machines is a bit like a walrus. On the side, massive doors stand out clearly, large mirrors, plastic protection of wheel arches and 17-dyuymvoye wheels. Truly creative looks back part of the British wagon.

The new oval headlights, dual hinged tailgate, sports bumper with air vents and tailpipes of the exhaust system — it looks bright, stylish and extraordinary. In the figures, the dimensions of the new Clubman reached 4253 mm long, 1800 mm wide and 1441 high.

Mini Clubman 2016..
Salon meets the driver’s head-on. Chairs of the quilted leather provide a high level of comfort when traveling. Multiwheel with glossy black accents similar to a joystick on a game console, which makes driving more fun.

Originally presented and multimedia display system, which is integrated into a large «kruglyash» on the center console. Digital control unit with climate control and toggle switch on the auxiliary systems, reminiscent of the cockpit.

Mini Clubman 2016...
Nice to know that in addition to more space for rear passengers, in a 360-liter trunk Clubman now have a place for a couple of suitcases with things.

Under the hood will be installed four trubomotor capacity of 2.0-liters. 280 Nm of torque and 189 horsepower wagon to disperse hundreds of 7.1 seconds and top speed is 229 km / h. It should be noted that the excellent steering feedback and body roll during cornering is minimized. Clubman received a multi-link suspension, which was a little softer than its predecessor.

Price Mini Clubman 2016 Russia will be announced later. In the US, prices start from 27 650 dollars.

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