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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2021.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2021.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2021.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2021: the rebirth of the legend in the cross version.
Not so long ago, the Mitsubishi company revived the legendary model — Eclipse, however, not in the form of a sports coupe, but in the form of a crossover.

However, this fact did not negatively affect the popularity of the car — it sells well in many countries. To make the car even more popular, a small restyling was prepared for it.

The new model will change slightly in appearance, and will also receive a couple of interesting modifications that will be available for purchase in some countries in South America.

The interior of the crossover will also slightly change, where you can observe slightly better finishing materials and more diverse functionality already in the basic configuration. But the characteristics of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2021 will be identical to the previous generation of the car.


As you can see in the photo, the car has retained the corporate identity of the Japanese brand, having received a huge amount of details, familiar to many fans of the company.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2021..

However, the new body also boasts a variety of original details, thanks to which the appearance becomes even brighter and more attractive. These include various transitions in height, chrome inserts, unusual optics and other details.

As before, the front of the crossover looks its most striking. It was placed slightly higher, but its length was kept. Also, the muzzle is slightly tilted, which has a positive effect on the driver’s visibility.

There is also a whole scattering of unusual decorations. It all starts with a small bonnet, which has a fairly submerged central part. It is also decorated with strongly protruding side ribs. Just below the bonnet, you can see the signature X-shaped grille, which takes up most of the bumper.

Its perimeter will be made with a wide chrome strip, and inside it you can observe a bunch of various details: a chrome-plated Mitsubishi brand badge, a license plate area, small black nets through which the air just passes into the engine compartment, as well as a couple of horizontal chrome lines placed on top and playing an exclusively decorative role.

On the same line with the upper border of the air intake, on the sides of it, there are almost triangular headlights, which look quite menacing. In any configuration, these optics will be filled with high-quality LED lights.

Below, a little space is also allocated for the body kit. Its side parts are decorated with large recesses in which you can observe polygonal foglights. The remaining space is distributed between an additional air intake mesh, a small amount of relief, a metal diffuser and a narrow layer of unpainted plastic.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2021.

The crossover looks very stylish on the sides. An unusual roof catches the eye immediately. It is followed by a polygonal shape filled with windows.

It will be framed by very thin chrome lines, and inside the glass will be divided into parts by narrow body pillars, painted in gloss black. At the front, you can also see stylish triangular rear-view mirrors, which are always complemented by turn signal repeaters.

The main part of the body includes quite a lot of different reliefs, and from below you can see slightly inflated wheel arches and sills, which are reinforced with a narrow layer of unpainted plastic.

The car looks unusual and bright from behind. The upper half of the body is represented here by a massive visor, a large luggage compartment window, an unusual shape of marker signals, which are connected by a strip of stop lights, and a wide insert painted in gloss black.

The main part of the tailgate here consists of chrome nameplates, a recess for a license plate and a bunch of relief. The body kit takes about the same amount of space as in the front.

It includes fog lights, metal inserts, a protective plastic layer, and one or two exhaust pipes, depending on the configuration.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2021.


Inside, the new 2021 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross matches the striking exterior. The interior will be finished with good quality fabric, natural leather, several types of plastic and metals.

The multimedia system also leaves a pleasant impression here, which has a lot of functions that increase both comfort and safety.

Quite a lot can be observed on the car dashboard. It starts with a small monitor, from which the main part of the functionality settings is made.

Next is a row of deflectors, a strip consisting of analog buttons, a climate control shield and holes for connecting accessories. Then the dashboard smoothly passes into the tunnel, where you can see a technical panel, cup holders hidden under the flap and an armrest that hides another glove compartment underneath.

The car can easily accommodate five people, offering them very comfortable chairs, trimmed with fabrics or leather.

They also have good side support, heating, electric adjustment and headrests.

The car boasts a good trunk. As shown by a test drive, it can accommodate things with a volume of up to 340 liters already in the basic configuration.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2021.


The 2021 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will be driven only by a 1.5-liter gasoline engine, the output of which is 163 horsepower.

A six-speed mechanic or a variator will work with him. The drive of the car can be either front or full.

Options and prices

The price of new items varies from 1.9 to 2.5 million rubles.

Release date in Russia

The start of sales in Russia of the updated crossover is scheduled for autumn 2020.


The car will compete with the likes of Toyota Rav 4, Nissan Qashqai and Volkswagen Tiguan.


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