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Mitsubishi LANCER EVO XI 2023.

Mitsubishi LANCER EVO XI 2023.

Mitsubishi LANCER EVO XI 2023.

Mitsubishi LANCER EVO XI 2023. Earlier this year, an independent designer presented images of the «reborn» Mitsubishi Lancer.

However, this time he swung at a more productive version of this Japanese legend. So, images of the «charged» Lancer Evolution 2023 appeared on the Web.

The overall shape of the body, judging by the images, is similar to the standard Lancer presented earlier. However, the Evo variation still has some peculiarities.

Mitsubishi LANCER EVO XI 2023.

Starting from the front, you can notice that the head optics and, in particular, its LED DRLs have been redesigned and become more aggressive.

In addition, the front bumper is equipped with massive round PTFs in the style of rally models and a large black grille.

Mitsubishi LANCER EVO XI 2023.

Also, one cannot fail to note the additional air intakes, a splitter and an air intake hole in the hood.

Looking at the model in profile, it can be noted that it is equipped with large rims from BBS. The wings received additional holes for air circulation.

Also installed a side plastic body kit, visually expanding the car, and the rear doors have acquired original stampings on the outer panels.

Mitsubishi LANCER EVO XI 2023.

Note that the side of the Lancer Evo 2023 is a bit similar to the recently debuted Honda Civic Type R.

The aggressive look of the car extends to the rear as well.

There we can see a proudly towering spoiler in the style of past Evolution models, LED optics with a unique interior pattern combined with an LED strip, and powerful tailpipes.

Mitsubishi LANCER EVO XI 2023.

There are four of them, which hints at a high-performance power unit installed under the hood.

As much as we would like to see this model in real life, according to the latest data, the manufacturer does not plan to revive it.

And all that remains for us is to enjoy the drawings of independent designers.

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