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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2020.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2020

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2020.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2020 — a new version of the SUV looks like a pickup L200.
Mitsubishi Pajero is no longer just a car, it’s a whole story. The model has been produced since 1981 and became an absolute hit of sales for the Japanese company. Therefore, the release of the restyling for Mitsubishi is of strategic importance.

The new Pajero Sport was spotted back in January. The paparazzi managed to shoot the novelty without camouflage at one of the company’s test sites, and now, six months later, the Japanese are already filling dealerships with the novelty around the world.
What it is, Pajero Sport, and what changes have occurred in it since the last model, we will consider below.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2020


The Japanese, unlike their Asian counterparts, always roll out full information about their new products, including a complete list of trim levels and technical equipment. It is difficult to say in which countries this or that equipment will be, but both variants of power units will be presented in most countries, including Russia.

The 2020 model received a 3.0-liter petrol engine with 209 hp. and a turbocharged diesel engine 2.4 liters and 181 hp. Both received 8 cylinders with a V-shaped arrangement. These are the same engines that the previous version was equipped with.

But the choice of transmissions has slightly changed. Now you can buy Pajero with a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic with manual control and forced locking.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2020

There are 4 configurations to choose from — Invite, Intense, Instyle and Ultimate.
The first two boast only a diesel version paired with an automatic machine. Both engine and transmission options are available for Instyle and Ultimate. In all trim levels, the SUV received four-wheel drive with a classic 40/60 thrust distribution. The diesel version accelerates to a hundred in 12.3 seconds, the gasoline version in 11.7. Consumption on the highway in both cases will not exceed 7 liters.

Buying a new Pajero 2020 model year, the driver will receive a full set of assistants — cruise control with distance control in the stream, full view from 4 cameras, satellite navigation sensor, parking sensors, emergency braking system, blind spot monitoring and keyless access.

Optionally, depending on the configuration, the client will receive LED optics with washers, leather interior trim, electronic adjustment, heated front seats, front, side and knee airbags and separate climate control.

By the way, the new electronics allows you to control some functions using a mobile application. For example, you can open the trunk door with your phone or start a car on a cold winter morning to warm up.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2020


If, in addition to the addition of new on-board systems, there have been no changes in technical terms, then there are noticeable changes in bodywork.
It is worth noting right away the new optics, which, although repeating the features of previous generations, received more modern outlines without losing that very purposeful look.

The front grill between the headlights remains virtually unchanged. The bumper has slightly changed and there is more chrome. The C-shaped diffusers are slightly taller, and the central air intake is outlined with chrome moldings.

Even in the new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, you can find new side faces, originating from the front optics and rear dimensions. Closer to the middle, they practically disappear, leaving a certain plane on the driver’s door. The wheel arches have increased in height, although the wheel diameter remains the same — 18 inches.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2020

The ground clearance was slightly raised, now 218 mm of ground clearance is available. At the same time, the height of the car did not go far from urban crossovers — 1805 mm, length and width — 4785 and 1815 mm, respectively. The total weight of the frame SUV is 2095 kg.

The feed has received a more interesting design than before. The fifth door is now slightly recessed into the interior, the hanging spoiler has got a broken shape, and the rear dimensions have spread out by almost a third of the height. The bumper still lifted up and got a small plastic border in the center with a place for brake lights. The muffler sticks out lonely from under the bumper. No beautiful niches or cutouts, as in crossovers, were made for it.


The interior has retained its classic lines. The upholstery has received a pleasant black skin tone and quality plastic elements.

In accordance with the latest trends, the tidy has been replaced by a virtual one, with a choice of design. An 11-inch multimedia screen was pushed into the center console. Four USB-connectors and, interestingly, two sockets for 12 and 220V were pushed around the cabin.

You can also note the new multifunctional steering wheel, two cupholders in the central tunnel, an audio system in the center console with original convex twists. The armchairs have turned out to be something between sports and elegant classics.

The salon received a 7-seater configuration with a classic layout 2 + 3 + 2. If you need a lot of luggage space, the rear sofa folds down.

By the way, the passengers in the middle row have added legroom, which the owners of the previous model complained about.

The only «sore», as before, was and remains an overly narrow interior, but this issue will be solved only by the development of a new platform.

Price and start date

The sales season at home has already begun. Shipping to the Russian market will begin only after 6 months, so you can look at the frame SUV at the end of January from official dealers.

The cheapest Invite equipment with a diesel engine and a manual transmission will cost the Russians 2.2 million rubles, the most expensive will be Ultimate on gasoline with the aforementioned automatic for 3.2 million.

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