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Mitsubishi Xpander 2022.

Mitsubishi Xpander 2022.

Mitsubishi Xpander 2022.

Bestseller in Southeast Asia: updated compact Mitsubishi Xpander.

Mitsubishi has introduced an updated version of its compact van Xpander that is successfully sold on the Southeast Asian market and is in demand in Africa and Latin America.

The restyled 2022 Mitsubishi Xpander has got more massive bumpers and new headlights, with the main «lower» headlights now having a T-shaped design.

Of the wheels available for the car are rollers up to 17″ in diameter (previously the maximum was 16″).

Basic versions of the model have the same interior, while the more expensive options can boast an updated: the front panel of such cars are made in a more rigorous design and have a quality finish.

The one-wheel drive also received a new multimedia system, which flaunts advanced online features.

Plus, the model has got a different steering wheel and push-button climate control with a separate miniature display.

Additionally, an electromechanical handbrake appeared in the cabin, which allowed to change the layout of the central tunnel.

In addition, a central armrest with a roomy box was added.

As before, Mitsubishi Expander compact has three rows of seats in the base, and in the middle row in the course of the update appeared USB-connectors for mobile gadgets.

Mitsubishi Xpander 2022.

Due to new «plumage» the new Mitsubishi Xpander 2022 reaches 4,595 mm in length (+ 120).

Exactly the front overhang has increased by 75 mm, and the rear one — 45 mm. Depending on a complete set the clearance of the model grew by 15-20 mm — up to 220-225 millimeters.

Japanese compact van is based on a simple chassis with a beam and drum brakes on the rear axis, but during the restyling the «bogie» was slightly upgraded.

Mitsubishi Xpander 2022.

In particular, front strut mounts have been strengthened and diameter of rear shock absorbers has been increased. It made the truck more comfortable.

But the single-cab engine remains the same. Under the hood there is a 1.5-liter atmospheric 105 hp engine.

Mitsubishi Xpander 2022.

However, the developers improved its ecological compatibility by adding a system of exhaust gas recirculation.

In the base the engine is working with a 5-speed manual, and the versions more expensive will have a variator (previously there was a 4-speed automatic).

The model only has front-wheel drive. Restyled Expander sales will start by the end of the twenty-first year.

Mitsubishi Xpander 2022.

First the usual variant will be on sale, and then its updated Cross-version.

No information about price changes for the model yet, but in Indonesia, the pre-reformed version costs $ 16,700 (1.2 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

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