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Model BMW M4 CSL 2023.

Model BMW M4 CSL 2023.

Model BMW M4 CSL 2023.

Model BMW M4 CSL 2023 is the most extreme and fastest version of the coupe.

This year, the subsidiary M-Technik (or simply «M») of the German concern BMW is celebrating its half-century anniversary.

This event is coincided with the release of a new vehicle with the abbreviation CSL in the name.

The last car with these initials came off the conveyor in 2003 — BMW M3 CSL E46. Now it is the BMW M4 CSL 2023.

The new model has a lightweight design, for the sake of which engineers have revised the layout and made a number of modifications.

Exterior design

CSL in full deciphering is defined as «Coupe Sport Leichtbau», which in translation is a lightweight sports coupe.

The developers slightly revised the design approach, giving preference to functionality.

The novelty concept is aimed at increasing the downforce of the car, as well as improving the cooling by a counter flow of air.

But the stylistics was also paid attention to, as evidenced by the silhouette of the novelty.

Model BMW M4 CSL 2023.

Compared to the conventional version M4 Competition the new car has more massive front skirt with angularity in the lower part.

The front grille also changed. Two sections are the same as in the predecessors, but changed in size — now these are large «nostrils» with red edging.

In order to reduce the weight of the car, the front end did not load with unnecessary elements.

The M4 Competition came with a carbon fiber roof — the novelty is not just with it.

Now the hood and trunk lid are made of carbon fiber, which reduced the weight by 11 kg.

The headlights are made with more modern «BMW Laserlight» laser technology. Inside, a new format of running lights — two shaped strips on the sides.

Model BMW M4 CSL 2023.

When turned on, they give a bright yellow shade, the same can be met in racing variants of GT like M5 CS.

At the same time, the headlights themselves are made stretched, making the front end look more aggressive.

The door folds on the side give the body of the car dynamism. The same technology is applied to the light blocks in the stern.

At the bottom of the body’s diffuser, two pairs of exhaust pipes look outward.

All this combined made the appearance of the car extreme notes, which should appeal to every fan of powerful animals.

Interior and equipment

The updated version of the M3 received a large curved display almost the entire length of the front panel, but it will not be inside the BMW M4 — instead a normal screen, which is enough to perform basic tasks.

Carbon fiber and carbon fiber are also used in the interior.

Model BMW M4 CSL 2023.

The main color is black and red serves as an accent. The central tunnel is also carbon fiber.

Inside the coupe there are only a couple of seats, which is made to reduce weight.

These are bucket-shaped sports seats based on quality Carbon leather.

Side support and special rollers ensure a comfortable fit.

True, the seats have no back angle adjustment, and you need a tool to select the height. The headrests are easy to remove when the helmet is put on.

The lack of adjustment will not appeal to every buyer, and therefore the manufacturer offers a free option in the form of seats of the same shape, equipped with heating, as well as a full package of electric adjustments.

The place of the back sofa is taken by a niche, where the racing helmets will now lie. Due to this the car lost 21 kg. Due to replacement of seats the car became 24 kg lighter, and with the option only 10 kg.

Model BMW M4 CSL 2023.

Technical characteristics

The fight with «excess weight» continued in technical terms:

Noise isolation is made according to a simplified scheme;
muffler made of titanium;
transition to carbon-ceramic brakes;
lightened springs with struts and wheel rims;
installation of electronically controlled shock absorbers;
new stabilizers.

In sum, the final figure for loss of «extra weight» is exactly 100 kg, and the total weight is 1625 kg.

In-line three-liter power unit with 6 cylinders is equipped with two turbochargers. The engine has a power of 550 hp, which is 40 horses more than the M4 Competition’s engine.

The torque has not changed — the same 650 Nm. In addition to the motor there is an 8-band «automatic», the manual gearbox is excluded for any extra charge. Due to the same technical reasons the drive axle is rear only.

The result of the developers was the fastest car — overcoming a lap on a racetrack Nürburgring took 7 minutes and 20 seconds (length 20.8 km).

The nominal hundred cars gained 9.7 seconds, and acceleration to 200 km / h takes 10.7 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 307 km/h.


The BMW 4-Series coupe bodied should replace the 3 lineup to keep up with other companies. Among the alternatives:

Audi A5.
Audi TT RS
Mercedes C-Classe
Nissan 370Z.

Perhaps among the competitors there are more worthy, according to the opinion of car enthusiasts, although the coupe with a lightweight design is also far from a miss because of the appearance and a lot of power.

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