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Morgan Plus 8 GTR 2022.

Morgan Plus 8 GTR 2022.

Morgan Plus 8 GTR 2022.

The Morgan Plus 8 GTR Retro Coupe is the brand’s last V8-powered model.

The spectacular retro Morgan Plus 8 GTR coupe premiered at the end of November 2021 and will be the last V8-powered model for the British brand.

Note that the Morgan company used in its projects atmospheric V8 engines from BMW, but Germans folded production and supply of these units in the two thousand eighteen.

British had already said goodbye to 8-cylinder engines, but in the early 21 th a batch of finished chassis with installed V8s returned to the factory.

These «trucks» were assembled in the eighteenth year and intended for third party project — revival of Bristol brand.

However, it was impossible to reanimate it, and unused chassis were again at the disposal of Morgan.

The company’s specialists decided that it was not worth wasting money and built a new model on its base. Morgan Plus 8 GTR 2022 was created using racing cars of the British brand of the 1990s.

It uses a standard body from the Plus 8 model, although you can recognize the new model by the presence of additional aerodynamic components and new wings with ventilation slots.

Morgan Plus 8 GTR 2022.

Plus, the car has a hard top instead of a soft folding one, as well as high doors.

Curiously, the handles on the latter are located at the same level as the standard small flaps, that is, very low.

Morgan Plus 8 GTR 2022.

Note that the British slightly improved the «old» chassis, as well as increased the performance of a standard 4.8-liter BMW N62 V8.

Exactly how much is not specified, but on the regular Morgan Plus 8 this motor produces 372 hp.

The powertrain can work with either a manual or a ZF six-speed automatic.

Morgan Plus 8 GTR 2022.

Due to the limited number of chassis, the Morgan Plus 8 GTR will have only nine cars in production, and among them there will be both right-handed and left-handed copies.

Only one car has been built so far and it has already been purchased by a customer from Denmark.

The remaining eight coupes will be ready in the next three months.

Morgan Plus 8 GTR 2022.

All of them are certified for use on public roads, but their cost is not advertised.

Look at the limited-edition Morgan sports car, which was assembled from overstock parts.

The British brand plans to make only nine Plus 8 GTR sports cars in total. And all of them have already found their owners.

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