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Moskvich Electro 2022-2023 crossover.

Moskvich Electro 2022-2023 crossover.

Moskvich Electro 2022-2023 crossover.

The first crossover «Moskvich» Electro 2022-2023 for only 2 million rubles is presented. All characteristics are announced.

Despite the loud statements of the Moscow management that the former plant Renault, which is now called «Moskvich», all the cars that could potentially come off its assembly line, have so far been shown only on renderings.

Today, designers have presented another image of the possible debutant of this plant — «Moskvich» Electro 2022-2023 and this model really has the right to life.

The fact is that recently it became known that all machines belonging to Renault have been eliminated from the Moscow plant.

In this connection the responsible persons have declared that not standard cars, but electric cars, and for carsharing and cab services will be produced here.

Moskvich Electro 2022-2023 crossover.

This is all the more likely given the cooperation agreements between Russian and Chinese executives.

According to experts, to develop such an electric car, the Russian company will need the help of the brand Aiways from the Celestial Empire.

Moskvich Electro 2022-2023 crossover.

Despite the fact that this company is only two years old, it has managed to prove itself both at home and in the European market.

However, the sales of this company’s cars remain at a low level.

So maybe Aiways should «try its luck» in Russia by launching one of its models here under the Moskvich brand?

Moskvich Electro 2022-2023 crossover.

Thus at the heart of the new «Moskvich» Electro 2022-2023 will be a crossover Aiways U6, which although it is one of the best products of the company, in the domestic market is estimated at 2-2.2 million rubles in translation to domestic currency.

Its assembly at the Russian plant, under the brand «Moskvich» may well keep the cost at about the same level.

Moskvich Electro 2022-2023 crossover.

This means that in the current environment the crossover will be cheaper than the Hyundai Tucson and KIA Sportage, but it will be much more technologically advanced than its competitors.

The crossover uses a single-engine powerplant with 218 hp and 315 N*m of torque as its driving source. It has a claimed range of 590 km on a single charge.


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