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Moskvich Legend 2022-2023.

Moskvich Legend 2022-2023.

Moskvich Legend 2022-2023.

As you know, after Renault leaves Russia, the Moscow car factory will be transferred to Moskvich car production.

At the same time, the French company gave «AvtoVAZ» the rights to produce the Duster crossover.

But so far little is known about what the future has in store for other Renault models.

In particular, the French company is ready to continue supplying components for Lada cars to AvtoVAZ.

At the same time it is not known what will be done with Logan and Sandero, which until recently were assembled in Togliatti.

There is a certain probability that all other models of the French brand will remain in Russia besides the Duster.

In a previous article, we showed how Renault can keep its cars in our country.

This will be done by transferring production at the Moscow plant to Moskvich.

And it is rumored that Renault models will be produced under this revived brand.

Moskvich Legend 2022-2023.

This process will be done at an accelerated pace. But first the most popular Renault models will be put on the conveyor belt.

One of the first cars which production will be resumed at the Moscow plant will probably be the Arkana crossover.

Only it could be sold as a Moskvich «Legend» 2022-2023, renderings of which have already shown the domestic designer.

Let’s note that such renaming is quite in line with the development strategy of the French company.

For example, Arkana in South Korea is sold as Renault Samsung XM3. So it is not surprising that in Russia the French model will be produced under the brand «Moskvich».

However, Arkana expects not only a renaming, but also some other changes.

Moskvich Legend 2022-2023.

First of all the engineers of Moscow automobile plant can adjust the technical part of the crossover. The fact is that the Arkana is sold today with two power units.

One of them, 1,3-liter turbo-engine, until recently was supplied to Russia ready-made. Under current conditions it is not possible to continue importing this engine.

But to produce the new Moskvich «Legend» with only one engine means significantly limiting the choice, which could have a negative impact on the demand for the car.

Therefore, for the first time the Russian model will be presented with a 1.6-liter 114-horsepower «atmospheric».

This unit is now installed on the Arkana. Also at first the 1.6-liter «atmospheric» will be equipped with 5- or 6-speed «manual», because the production of both boxes is more deeply localized in Russia.

Moskvich Legend 2022-2023.

But it is possible that the Moskvich «Legend» 2022-2023 will immediately come out with a stepless variator.

Perhaps the terms of the licenses, which Renault transferred to the new owners, also implies the production of this box.

Given the fact that the Arkana and Duster — crossovers close to each other, it is likely that the new Moskvich «Legend» will also receive a 2-liter «atmospheric», the maximum output of which reaches 143 hp.

Thus the probability that the Russian model will be equipped with a turbodiesel is reduced to a minimum.

However, it largely depends on the level of localization of production of the 1.5-liter engine.

If it is high, it is not excluded that the engineers of the Moscow automobile plant will be able to set up the production of the Moskvich Legend with such a turbodiesel.

Moskvich Legend 2022-2023.

Despite the fact that officially the technical characteristics of the Russian crossover have not been confirmed, it is already safe to say that the car will receive a four-wheel drive transmission.

This directly comes out of the conditions of the license for the production of the Duster, which Renault gave to «Avtovaz».

Therefore, the new Moskvich «Legend» 2022-2023 will be comparable to the Arkana in terms of driving qualities.

Visually, the Russian model will look like the French one. Although some changes in the appearance of the Moskvich «Legend» are possible.

They, as well as other adjustments, may be due to the shortage of components, with which neither Renault nor «Avtovaz» were able to cope.

For this reason, the Moskvich Legend will be produced in a simplified form at first. In particular, the Russian model will be deprived of LED optics, which in a certain way will affect the appearance of the car.

More noticeable differences between the Moskvich «Legend» and Arkana will be seen in the interior.

The Russian novelty will get its own multimedia screen and climate control equipment.

Both devices for the Moskvich will be borrowed from the restyled Lada Vesta, which has not yet entered the Russian market.

The choice in favor of VAZ equipment is due to the fact that its production is localized in our country.

Therefore, the new Moskvich «Legend» will be equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen monitor, which will be mounted vertically on the center console.

It is also possible that the dashboard with three deep «wells» will be transferred from the Vesta to the crossover.

More detailed characteristics of the new Moskvich «Legend» 2022-2023 will be known closer to the presentation date of the car. The debut of this model can be expected at the end of this year or early next year.

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