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New BMW 5-Series G60 2024.

New BMW 5-Series G60 2024.

New BMW 5-Series G60 2024.

New BMW 5-Series G60 2024. BMW 5-Series G60: spy photos and the most complete information about the upcoming novelty.

The current generation BMW 5-Series sedans and station wagons in the G30 body have been produced since 2016, which means that in the near future we should expect the announcement of a new (eighth) generation model.

It is expected that the next «five» with the intrafactory index G60 / G61 will be officially presented in the near future — within two thousand and twenty-three.

In addition, in recent months, test copies of the model have begun to flicker on the roads of Europe more and more often, which means that its development is almost completed.

Unfortunately, all the sedans and station wagons that got into the lenses of photo spies were carefully camouflaged, so the appearance of the upcoming novelty remains a secret for now.

However, previously independent artists have already submitted renders with their vision of the next generation model.

They give a certain idea of ​​the possible appearance of the novelty.

At the moment, only one thing is known for certain about the design of the BMW 5-Series 2023-2024 — sedans and station wagons will get an appearance in the style of the new 7-Series G70, presented in the spring of twenty-second.

New BMW 5-Series G60 2024.

This means that the model will retain the familiar silhouette, but will receive a modified design of the front of the body and the “nostrils” of the radiator grille in particular.

Plus, new LED headlights are promised for her, the shape of which will differ significantly from the headlights of the current car.

Also on the G60, we should expect the appearance of LED-lights and recessed door handles.

From the «seven» novelty will also borrow the overall style of the interior.

This means that she will get a minimalistic front panel with a large curved display located on it.

New BMW 5-Series G60 2024.

The latter is already being installed on some other modern models of the Bavarian brand.

In fact, it is far from solid and consists of a 12.3-inch virtual tidy and 14.9-inch multimedia.

You should also expect the appearance of a new steering wheel and a minimalistic gear selector.

There is no specific information about the technical stuffing of the new BMW 5 G60 yet, but the range of power units promises to be wide.

It is expected that the model can be ordered with gasoline engines, including a 3.0-liter turbo six with 380 hp. (519 Nm).

New BMW 5-Series G60 2024.

But the Germans plan to abandon diesel engines. Also, sedans and station wagons will be offered in the form of rechargeable hybrids and full-fledged electric cars.

There are no reliable data on the performance of these machines yet.

Specifically, the Bavarians plan to sell the electric version of the model as i5, and Mercedes-Benz EQE will become its direct competitor in the market.

According to rumors, she will receive a power plant from the iX crossover with a traction battery with a capacity of 111.5 kWh.

The most powerful battery modification should be the M60 variant.

New BMW 5-Series G60 2024.

In terms of performance, it will be comparable to the iX M60 SUV. Recall that the latter is supposed to have two electric motors with a total output of 610 hp.

In turn, the “charged” BMW M5 is seen as the absolute flagship of the family.

It is expected to be equipped with the same installation as the «hot» XM crossover.

This means that the car will be driven by a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8, which will be accompanied by an electric motor and a small lithium-ion battery.

On the same XM, these units produce 653 forces (800 Nm). Although the new “five” should be presented in 2023, however, most likely, the start of sales in Europe will take place only at the beginning of the twenty-fourth.

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