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New BMW 7-Series 2023.

New BMW 7-Series 2023.

New BMW 7-Series 2023.

Sales of the new generation BMW 7-Series sedan have started in Russia in December 2022.

Russians can buy BMW 7-Series of the new generation without mileage. A pre-order service is available for this purpose.

In April 22 Germans have presented BMW 7-Series (G70) sedan of new (seventh) generation which now is offered only in lengthened version (short wheelbase versions are not available), and also acquired fully electric i7 modification.

The company continues to experiment with design, so all fans of the brand now have to get used to the new design of the front end of the flagship with narrow «eyelashes» of headlights and under them the main block of headlights, hiding behind the tinted glass.

However, earlier Bavarians rolled out restyled BMW X7 2023 crossover with similar design of the forward part, so it was not the big surprise for new «seven».

Huge «nostrils» of the branded grille, by sensation, have added a little more in size, but it seems everyone has already got used to them.

Narrow headlights on the BMW 7-Series 2023 in the new body are also responsible for turn signals and ambient light, while they can be optionally decorated with Swarovski crystals.

The main optics already in the base is matrix, while there are no separate fog lights — they are replaced by a special mode of the main headlights.

The aft lights are still stretched horizontally, but lost the unifying bridge.

In profile the car looks a little smaller than it really is (the total length compared to the predecessor grew), the door handles are recessed into the body, and in the area of the rear window has a thick chrome plate.

New BMW 7-Series 2023.

There is also a completely different hood and different variants of the wheel rims of the new design.

The interior of the BMW 7-Series (G70) 2023 is no less revolutionary.

There are now two large screens and projection in front of the driver. The left 12.3″ diagonal monitor is allotted for the instrument panel, while the right one with 14.9 inches is responsible not only for the multimedia system, but also for climate control.

There are almost no physical buttons on the central console, and the air ducts are hidden from sight.

Air flows are controlled by special touch pads integrated into the light bar on the front panel, which is called «BMW Interaction Bar».

The steering wheel can have two or three spokes, and the controls for the front seats have been moved to the door cards (as on Mercedes-Benz models).

New BMW 7-Series 2023.

On the new BMW 7-Series 2023, the company decided to abandon the huge number of all kinds of options, adding most of the standard equipment.

Already in the base sedan has «Veganza» upholstery made of high quality leatherette with perforated leather.

However, buyers can choose upholstery made of genuine leather or a combination of leather and wool fabric for an extra fee.

By default, the «seven» is equipped with four-zoned climate control, heated not only all seats, but also armrests, plus a panoramic roof, though without a sliding section.

New BMW 7-Series 2023.

Even more interesting are the changes on the second row. The company abandoned the two monitors on the headrests of the front seats in favor of a huge widescreen in the ceiling with a 31-inch diagonal and 8K resolution.

This solution is called «BMW Theatre Screen» and looks very promising.

Among the options for the model are split rear seats with electric control, ventilation and massage function (9 modes are provided), servo-driven doors and a package of «Executive Lounge».

When ordering the latter, the right rear passenger seat can be turned into a lounger, and the folding footrests here are connected to the cushion almost seamlessly.

The backrest tilt can be adjusted over a wide range, and is controlled from 5.5-inch touch screens built into the rear doors.

New BMW 7-Series 2023.


The new BMW 7-Series G70 body is still based on the CLAR modular platform with double wishbone front suspension and five-lever rear suspension.

The standard chassis includes an adaptive air suspension, and an optional adaptive steering mechanism and active anti-roll bars powered by a 48-volt electrical grid can be ordered for a surcharge.

Overall length of the sedan is 5,391 mm (+ 131 compared with its predecessor), the size of the wheelbase is 3 215 — which is five millimeters more than the long wheelbase version of the former Seven G12 and one mm higher than this parameter of the main rival in the face of S-Class W223.

The width of the car is 1,950 (+ 48), height — 1,544 (+ 77), the trunk space increased 540 liters (+ 25), and fuel tank on the contrary — reduced from 78 to 74 liters.


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