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New cars for sale: The new car BMW 6 Series 2018.

The new car BMW 6 Series 2018.

New cars for sale: The new car BMW 6 Series 2018.

New cars for sale. German automotive concern BMW continues to update its model range. The next novelty in the market should be the model BMW 6 Series 2018.


New cars for sale

The manufacturer offers a choice of three body options — four-door wagon or coupe, as well as an elegant two-door convertible. In the United States, a presentation of the compartment version of the car has already taken place. Now in North America there is an active advertising campaign to attract potential buyers.

After all, the future premium model does not belong to the category of cars with an affordable price. The estimated cost of the basic configuration of the novelty is not less than 80 thousand dollars. The start of retail sales should be expected not earlier than next year.


New cars for sale

The novelty is distinguished by its exquisite exterior, where every detail with a truly German thoroughness is carefully thought out and fully meets the latest trends of modern automotive fashion, while preserving the famous BMW style.

Some ideas are borrowed from the fifth series, but as a whole it is a luxurious original car with a sporting character, its appearance demonstrating a dynamic and impetuous disposition.


New cars for sale

From the front, traditionally flaunts the brand-new two-section grille, on both sides of which are stylish head lights with full LED light filling. LED strokes of the running lights of daylight were placed on a massive bumper with large air ducts.

The body has excellent aerodynamic properties. In the extended wheel arches there can be both basic eighteen and nineteen inch disks, and large twenty-inch wheels. The color palette was replenished with a new metallic shade of «Sonic Blue».


New cars for sale

Due to the use of a new platform, as well as the technology of combining carbon fiber with high-strength steel and aluminum alloys, the new BMW 2018 model was able to «lose weight» by more than two hundred kilograms.

The coupe now weighs about 1,550 kilograms. The wagon with the increased wheelbase will receive a more voluminous cargo hold. In other respects, the dimensions of the new model have practically not changed in comparison with the current generation.


Interior design and equipment BMW 6 Series. New cars for sale.

The finest materials were used for interior decoration. The interior is decorated with numerous carbon elements, emphasizing the sports spirit of the car. Also the novelty differs the advanced equipment providing the highest level of comfort, both for the driver, and for passengers.

Front ventilated chairs with pronounced lateral support are covered with several grades of elite genuine leather. They have a comfortable stand under the waist, flexibly configured with an electric drive under the rider and have the ability to save the specified settings.


New cars for sale

The heart of the center console will be a large 10.2-inch touchscreen display of the advanced multimedia complex BMW iDrive 5.0 with 200 GB of internal memory, voice control, Bang & Olufsen acoustics, mobile synchronization of Apple CarPlay and holder for smartphones iPad BMW. Below is conveniently located the climate control unit.

The digital instrument panel installed behind the multifunction steering wheel is a highly informative monitor of the on-board computer. Naturally, the novelty will receive a large number of modern security systems of active and passive type, as well as many all kinds of electronic assistants and assistants.

Also among the basic equipment is worth noting:

a proprietary system of satellite navigation with three-dimensional maps; aerodynamic package;
programmable daytime running lights;
adaptive head optics Full LED;
the ability to wirelessly charge mobile devices;
softly closing automatic doors;
front, side and curtain airbags;
cruise control adaptive type; rear view camera;
Monitoring of «blind» zones that do not fall within the field of view of mirrors;
dynamic stabilization system with controlled thrust;
tracking of road markings and automatic retention of the selected lane.


New cars for sale

In more expensive trim levels, carbon caps, stainless steel pedals, Adaptive Drive control function, as well as a night vision system with the ability to detect pedestrians and animals using a thermal imaging camera up to 100 meters away will become available.

The developers promise that the BMW 6 Series 2018 will become one of the safest cars in the world. The protective system automatically detects seat belts when an unavoidable collision is detected, closes the windows and enables emergency braking.

Also, the shock sensor is the basic one, which in the event of an emergency disconnects the generator and the fuel pump, unlocks the doors, includes the redundant interior lighting and parking lights. In the kit there is an emergency call button SOS and an extended automatic notification to the BMW service department about the accident.

Specifications of the car

The new German car of 2018 will be available both in the rear-wheel drive version and with the intelligent all-wheel drive system. The following modifications of the car with different petrol power units will be presented:

modification 640i with three-liter six-cylinder in-line turbo engine I-6 power of 347 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque;
modification 650i with a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine with a power of 476 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque;
Modification M6 with a 4.4-liter twin-turbo engine V-8 with two cylinders with a capacity of 600 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque.

In addition, there should be a diesel version of the 640d equipped with a three-liter inline engine with six cylinders with a power of 333 hp. Power units of all modifications, except BMW M6, will work in tandem with the eight-speed automatic gearbox. Model M6 will receive a six-step «mechanics».

Test Drive BMW 6 Series 2018.


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