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NEW DS7 Facelift 2023.

NEW DS7 Facelift 2023.

NEW DS7 Facelift 2023.

The official premiere of the updated DS 7 crossover has taken place.

At the end of June twenty-second the French have updated the medium-sized crossover DS 7 Crossback, and in the process of planned restyling the model has received a shortened name — now it is simply «DS 7».

The appearance of the car has undergone some adjustments. For example, it got a wider grille and new matrix headlights DS Pixel LED Vision.

The last ones are a little bit more compact than the old ones, and there are 84 LEDs in each block. Range of these optics is 380 meters.

You can distinguish the presented crossover from the pre-reformed version of the model by new headlights, which now even have their own name — «DS Light Veil».

They are made in the form of five vertical lines on the sides of the bumper: 33 LEDs are involved on each side.

At the rear, the main innovation was the emergence of another trunk door with a modified form of bumpers.

The car also received narrower headlights and other decorative trim.

NEW DS7 Facelift 2023.

Plus, it was put on new wheels with a diameter of 19 inches. Inside the crossover is still set 12.0-inch display of the multimedia system.

However, the complex is new here — DS Iris System. It has a modern interface and function of voice control.

You can use Wi-Fi to connect your smartphone via the Mirror Screen protocol.

The car also got higher resolution cameras and an advanced driver fatigue control system.

Due to the changed exterior, the overall length of the DS 7 2023 crossover has grown to 4,593 mm (+ 20). As for the powertrain lineup, it has been revised.

NEW DS7 Facelift 2023.

Gasoline turbo engines with a capacity of 1.2 liter (130 hp) and 1.6 liters (215 or 225 hp) though still in service, but now they are not available in Europe. Cars with these engines can be ordered in China, for example.

In Europe, a 130-horsepower 1.5-liter turbodiesel Blue HDi is offered for the crossover, but the main bet is made on rechargeable hybrids that have «E-Tense» prefix in the name.

A DS 7 E-Tense 225 opens the range of such modifications. It takes a 1,6-liter petrol turbo-engine 180 h.p. and a 110-powered electric motor integrated into an eight-speed automatic device. Total efficiency of these units is 225 hp.

The all-wheel drive DS 7 E-Tense 4×4 300 follows. The engine is forced up to 200 hp, and there is one more 112 hp electric motor on the back axle. Peak power is 300 «kobyls».

NEW DS7 Facelift 2023.

Acceleration from zero to a hundred is possible in 5.9 seconds. The flagship of the range is DS 7 E-Tense 4×4 360, developed with direct participation of DS Performance.

It uses the same engines as the version with an index «300», but due to other control program, the peak power of the system reaches 360 «horses».

The top version is able to accelerate from 0-100 km/h for 5.6 seconds. It has the original 21-inch wheels, lowered the ground clearance by 15 mm and more powerful brakes with 380 mm discs on the front axle.

All rechargeable versions are equipped with a 14.2 kWh traction battery (+ 1.0 over the pre-reform model).

They are able to travel up to 65 km on a single electric power (was 55-58 km). Regular charger has a capacity of 7.4 kW (+ 0.2).

NEW DS7 Facelift 2023.

On the market, the updated DS 7 will be offered in four configurations: Rivoli, Bastille, Louvre and Opera.

These versions are named after famous places in Paris. They differ from each other not only in equipment, but also in finishing materials.

For example, the top version Opera has extended 4 mm thick nappa leather upholstery. Even the doors and the front panel are covered with it.

The range also includes «sports» variant Performance Line, having a characteristic (more eye-catching) decor.

Plus, at the start of sales the car will be offered in a welcoming version «La Premiere». As for the options available for the model, there is an adaptive suspension.

It relies on data from external cameras that scan the road at a distance of five meters in front of the car, and preventively changes the rigidity of shock absorbers.

The updated DS 7 will be produced at plants in France and China. On the market restyled crossovers will debut in September of the 22nd. There is no information about cost of the car yet.

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