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New Ford GT 2016.

New Ford GT 2016. 

New Cars photos and prices.

The new American supercar Ford GT 2016-2017 model year will be offered a fantastic affluent motorists for a high price, starting with the level of 390-405 million US dollars in the US market, and 250-260 thousand pounds in the UK.

Interestingly, the price of the new Ford GT and can make more than 450 thousand dollars just for one reason -. The novelty will be released edition of just 1000 copies, with the annual production is limited to only 250 super-penalties.

So that the new generation Ford GT since the start of series production, starting in late 2016, will automatically go into the category of luxury cars.


Production of the new American mid-engine supercar Ford Jeet planned in city Markham (Canada) at the company Multimatic, specializing in working with carbon fiber. The Canadian company is successfully engaged in production of automobile parts from carbon fiber and at the time created a carbon fiber monocoque for the Aston Martin One-77.

What is the reason that the car giant Ford Motor Company, but rather the separation Ford Performance, specializing in the production of powerful sports cars, the production of Canadian trust company Multimatic its iconic model?

The answer is simple as 2×2 — the body of the new generation Ford GT 2016-2017, almost entirely from carbon fiber, from the power of the body frame and hinged panels, finishing interior trim, seats and even wheels.

It is because of the use of expensive carbon fiber value of the new generation Ford Tee Gee such a high. The previous generation model was worth «some» 140-150 thousand green.


The world premiere of the new generation Ford GT was held at the beginning of winter in 2015 at the annual Detroit Auto Show, the European presentation was held in the spring at the Geneva Motor Show 2015.

New downright stunned visitors with its fantastic shows, original and bright appearance. Official photos and videos with images of Ford GT 2016-2017 model year, placed at the end of the review, will help to enjoy the exclusive design of the body of the machine in every detail, which in and of themselves — just a class.

Front full LED headlights, stylish LED ring marker lamps, large air intakes on the bonnet and the front bumper, door luxury (in the open position like a bird’s wings), fantastic food with a majestic air intakes, piercing the back of the body of the wheel arches to bumper. And so powerful and original look two nozzles of the exhaust system, pick up on the body panel above the rear bumper.

A huge rear wing with automatic change of height and angle of attack, depending on the speed of movement, nature trails and pilot actions.

Throw in powerful vyshtampovki, fine lines, understated roof rack, and the huge, swollen wheel arches, capable of placing Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup 2 low-profile tires on 20-inch wheels made of carbon fiber (40% lighter than aluminum of similar size) for who searched for brake discs of uglerodokeramicheskogo material.


The interior of the new Ford GT 2016-2017, on the one hand, laconic and simple, but on the other hand, in the car has all the modern equipment, providing the driver a full set of information and comfort.

Digital graphic dashboard with multiple modes of output information, sport steering wheel with all the main control buttons, the car features a modern multimedia system Sync 3 with a color touch screen (music, phone, navigation, rear view camera, internet access), chairs with expressive side support.

Interestingly, the driver and passenger seats are also made of a light and strong carbon fiber, and implanted into the body structure of power cars, but the steering wheel and pedals have a longitudinal adjustment in the range of 200 mm so that the pilot has the ability to adjust under itself the wheel and pedals.


Specifications of the new generation Ford GT 2016-2017 intriguing presence EcoBoost petrol engine. The engine with Twin Turbo technology, combined injection and valve drive with low friction.

The 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost (previously 608 hp) works in tandem with a 7-speed robotized gearbox with two clutch discs, the drive to the rear wheels, push-rod type suspension with the ability to change the ride height (clearance), in the presence of subframes aluminum.
According to preliminary information, the new Ford GT accelerates from 0 to 100 mph for 3.0 seconds, top speed of about 330 mph.

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