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New Kia Sorento 2021.

New Kia Sorento 2021.

New Kia Sorento 2021.

Fashionable and richly equipped Kia Sorento 2021: meet the fourth generation model In South Korea, the premiere of the fourth generation Kia Sorento 2021 crossover took place.

Compared to its predecessor, which is sold in our market as «Sorento Prime», the car in the new body received a large-mesh «tiger nose» radiator grille and more compact head optics.

The Koreans also changed the shape of the front bumper, which now has vertical ventilation slots in the side sections, and on the side — decorated the body with chrome inserts.

The latter can be seen under the mirror housings and along the bottom of the doors.

The stern of the new Kia Sorento 2021 model year is notable for the unusual execution of two-section lights and a sculpted bumper, which again received ventilation slots on the sides.

In general, due to the widespread use of sharp edges in the exterior design, the car began to look stricter and more sporty.

New Kia Sorento 2021.

The developers report that the interior of the new model has become more spacious. For a surcharge for a car, you can order a third row of seats, and in some markets an option is available in the form of separate «captain» seats for the second row.

It turns out that the car can have five, six or seven seats. The new body of the Kia Sorento 2021 has got a 12.3-inch virtual tidy and a 10.25-inch monitor of the multimedia system.

True, they are put only in older configurations, while the base is equipped with an analog device, and an 8.0 ″ touchscreen is allocated for the needs of multimedia.

On the other hand, in all versions of the crossover, without exception, the entertainment complex has support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay interfaces, while an optional extension of the smartphone integration interface is proposed to display traffic jams, availability of free spaces in nearby parking lots, current vehicle location, weather forecast, etc.

Plus, you can broadcast a picture from all-round cameras on the smartphone screen.

KIA Sorento 2021 in a new body became the first crossover of the South Korean brand, built on the new platform of the Hyundai concern, on which the Hyundai Sonata 8 is based.

In terms of dimensions, the SUV reaches 4,810 mm in length, 1,900 in width, and 1,690 mm in height.

The increase in all directions was 10 mm, and the wheelbase was stretched by 35 mm — up to 2 815, the overhangs became slightly shorter, and the ground clearance (clearance) was declared at 176 mm.

New Kia Sorento 2021.

The trunk volume of the five-seat crossover version is now 910 liters, which is 250 liters more at once than its predecessor suggested.

In a three-row version, the cargo compartment has a capacity of only 187 liters, but if the seats in the gallery are folded, the hold is able to accommodate 821 liters.

In the main markets (Europe, the USA and South Korea) for the new Kia Sorento 2021 will be offered in a hybrid version, where a 1.6-liter gasoline «turbo four» T-GDi with 180 hp. (265 Nm) works in conjunction with a six-speed automatic, which is integrated with a 60-horsepower electric motor.

The peak performance of such an installation reaches 230 forces (350 Nm), however, the lithium-ion traction battery located under the floor of the passenger compartment will not allow much to roam — its capacity is only 1.49 kWh.

However, the company has already promised that a full-fledged rechargeable hybrid will appear in the future.

Plus, for the 4th generation Kia Sorento, a new 2.2-liter turbodiesel of the Smartstream family is announced. This unit received an aluminum cylinder block and was immediately 38 kg lighter than its predecessor.

The performance of the motor reaches 199 hp. (440 Nm), and the engine works in conjunction with an eight-speed robot with two wet clutches. In the US and South Korean markets, the crossover can also be ordered with a 2.5-liter T-GDi petrol turbo engine with 281 horsepower and 421 Nm of torque, which replaced the aspirated V6 modification.

New Kia Sorento 2021.

This version will not be sold in Europe. In the base, the car still has front-wheel drive, but an all-wheel drive transmission with a clutch for connecting the rear axle is available for a surcharge.

It is reported that in top-end trim levels the Kia Sorento 2021-2022 can have eight airbags at once, among which one is the central one.

The latter is located between the front seats and in the event of an accident is designed to protect the driver and front passenger from collision with each other.

A range of electronic assistants are also available for the new model, including automatic braking, blind spot monitoring, lane keeping function, and adaptive cruise control, which allows you to resume driving after a complete stop.

New Kia Sorento 2021.

Acceptance of orders for the Kia Sorento 4 in Russia will open at the end of 2020, but the configuration and prices were announced a little earlier.

For our market, the assembly of machines was set up at the Avtotor plant in Kaliningrad. It’s nice that the cost of the car, compared to its predecessor, has not grown too much, while even in the base the crossover is equipped very well.

The price of a model with a basic 2.5-liter 180 hp engine, automatic and front-wheel drive starts at 2,149,900 rubles, while a slightly better equipped version, but already with all-wheel drive, will cost customers 2,309,900 rubles.

The version with a 2.2-liter 199-horsepower diesel engine and an eight-band robot is exclusively 4WD and costs at least 2 589 900 r, and for the most expensive version you have to pay 3 149 900.

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