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New Lada Largus 2021.

Lada Largus 2021.

New Lada Largus 2021.

Lada Largus 2021: the long-awaited restyling of the model.
Today in Togliatti, serial production of the updated Lada Largus station wagons began: the first commercial vehicle to come off the assembly line was the Largus Cross in the maximum configuration, painted in the new color of karakum.

Restyling was by no means nominal: the front part of the body is completely new. There were other headlights (almost the same as in the current Renault Logan / Sandero models), a radiator grill, hood and front fenders.

Well, of course, the branded X-face with strokes on the new bumper has not been forgotten. There are also other rear-view mirrors (with built-in turn signals) and a shortened roof antenna.


Lada Largus 2021. AvtoVAZ announced the start of mass production of the new Lada Largus 2021 model. The restyling of the station wagon was announced back in December, and now the modernized car has fully opened and entered the conveyor of the Togliatti plant.

Configurations and prices will be announced immediately before the start of sales, which will obviously not take long. Simultaneously with the basic model, the new Largus Cross will enter the market — it was the raised version in the maximum configuration and with the “Karakum” color that the Togliatti residents assembled first.

New body design and interior layout

Restyling fundamentally changed the appearance of Largus. The front end is now completely different with new headlights, bumpers, fenders and a hood. Also, the radiator grille received a different configuration, consistent with the branded X-shaped strokes.

Another novelty was dispatched other side mirrors with built-in direction indicators and a shorter antenna on the roof. To top it off, the station wagon received new rims.

Lada Largus 2021.

Even more significant are the changes in the interior. The front panel from the first Duster is integrated here, which is about to leave the stage, giving way to a second generation car.

The steering wheel and instrument cluster Largus got from his fellow Lada line. The layout of the buttons in the cabin has been revised: the power window control unit is placed on the door cards, the seat heating keys are placed on the console.

An armrest appeared between the front seats (by the way, also new, with increased lateral support).

Simultaneously with the start of production, the first images of the interior were published: it also changed and is now significantly unified with the interior of the first generation Renault Duster crossover.

Lada Largus 2021.

The updated Largus has the same front panel, console and door trim, but its own steering wheel (from the XRAY Cross hatchback), and the design of the devices is made in the style of other Lada models.

Among the options there is a media system with a color screen (before Largus was content with simple push-button «music»), there are now buttons on the steering wheel, and the driver has a right armrest.

The power window control keys have moved from the center console to the door, and the seat heating buttons have moved from the base of the seats themselves to the console (this solution was tested last year on a special version of the Largus Cross Quest). Finally, there are new front seats with advanced lateral support.

Options Lada Largus 2021

One of the main acquisitions of the station wagon is a full-fledged multimedia system with a color display. In addition to her, the list of equipment includes cruise control, heated steering wheel and windshield, heated rear seats.

Frontal airbags are complemented by side airbags in the front row. More details about the configuration will be available after the official price list is published.

AVTOVAZ also promises a number of other options, but details on trim levels and prices will appear closer to the start of sales. Judging by the photos, Largus will finally have cruise control, heated steering wheel and second-row seats.

According to preliminary information, there will also be side airbags and a heated windshield. However, the technique will remain the same — these are VAZ 1.6 engines (87 or 106 hp), a five-speed «mechanics», power steering and rear drum brakes.

Lada Largus 2021.

Specifications Lada Largus 2021

Restyling did not bring changes in technique. In the arsenal of the car, there are still two VAZ 1.6-liter engines: the first produces 87 hp. and 140 Nm, the second — 106 hp. and 148 Nm.

Both engines are only mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The model has front drive, hydraulic power steering, rear drum brakes.

Recall that the original Dacia Logan MCV station wagon debuted in 2006, and AVTOVAZ began the production of licensed cars under the name Lada Largus in 2012.

Since then, Largus has acquired Russian engines, a raised version of the Cross and a number of specialized modifications, and the only minor restyling occurred in 2019.

Now the pre-reform Lada Largus station wagon costs at least 669 thousand rubles, and they ask for a van from 656 thousand.

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