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New Lucid Air 2023.

New Lucid Air 2023.

New Lucid Air 2023.

The longest-range and fastest-charging luxury electric car in the world.

With incredible power and an unrivaled range of up to 837 km on a single charge, it is unlike any car you have ever known.

The key facts: maximum power of 1,200 hp, range of up to 837 km.

Charging up to 483 km takes 22 minutes (from fast charging stations), acceleration to a hundred in less than 2 seconds, air resistance factor of 0.21.

It has the largest trunk of any electric car, a unique glass roof, DreamDrive autopilot, a curved 34-inch display with 5K resolution, Surreal Sound™ audio system with 21 speakers.

Lucid is following Tesla’s lead and offering a discount on the Lucid Air electric car in early 2023.

The decision follows Tesla’s recent move to reduce the price of its cars.

The decision to lower prices will affect customer demand. Specifically, the manufacturer wants to ramp up sales of the electric Lucid Air.

Starting now, customers who lease any Lucid Air through Lucid Financial Services will receive automatic savings of $7,500 or R515,000 in lower capital costs.

New Lucid Air 2023.

By taking advantage of these savings, customers receive a lower monthly fee for their new Lucid Air.

The move comes less than a year after Lucid raised prices on its electric car.

New Lucid Air 2023.

The automaker asked between $10,000 and $15,000 for its cars, depending on the package, citing supply chain difficulties.

Recall that automaker Tesla lowered prices by $13,000 in the U.S. and Europe on Jan. 13.

New Lucid Air 2023.

Reuters recently speculated that the automaker is trying to use its high profits to cut prices in anticipation of a slowdown in demand caused by the looming recession.

In early December, Lucid contacted customers who had booked the Air but then refused to make an official order, offering a price for the car before the price increase.

New Lucid Air 2023.

Meanwhile, Lucid employees were offered a discount of up to $18,000.

The automaker also opened a «Available Now» page, introduced a discounted version of the Air and informed customers who had cancelled up to 14 times.

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