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New Niva 2020.

New Niva 2020.

New Niva 2020.

New Niva 2020 (Lada 4 × 4 Vision). At the Moscow Motor Show, the long-awaited premiere of the new Niva 2020 model year took place: AvtoVAZ presented the audience a concept version of the new generation Lada 4 × 4 Vision.

This is the Niva, which has radically changed and received a completely new body and technical stuffing. The novelty was introduced personally by the chief designer of the brand — Steve Mattin.

The first details of the new generation

The developers began to share details of the appearance and filling of the car last year. The new generation Niva 2020 was created on the basis of Renault Duster — a crossover that is popular in the world market. That is, Lada will receive an upgraded suspension, an updated steering mechanism and a set of modern electronics for increased comfort.

Regarding the transmission, the issue has not yet been finalized. To maintain optimal Niva 2020 cross-country ability, the creators planned to equip the machine with a two-axis drive and a multiplier.

But equipping and developing the transmission will be expensive, which will entail a significant increase in the cost of the car for consumers. Therefore, with a greater likelihood, the new Lada 4 × 4 in 2020 will receive a drive from Duster with a rear axle and a shortened front gear instead of a reduction gear.

Now the Niva brand belongs to the General Motors-AvtoVAZ joint venture, and the manufacturer is not ready to completely exclude Niva from the model range of production cars offered on the Russian market.

But by 2020-2021, when the modernized Niva (Lada 4 × 4 Vision) will be mass-produced, the situation will radically change. And if GM does not start mass production of the model, the plant in Togliatti will be forced to cease to exist.
In this case, if the all-wheel drive car receives recognition among buyers, it will be launched on the market as the Lada 4 × 4 Niva 2020.

New Niva 2020.


At the motor show, the presented concept version impressed the audience with its updated and unusual forms, aggressiveness and dissimilarity to the previous generation of the Niva.

Developers and designers presented a muscular car, which was created under the influence of the X-Face concept, which is actively used for the entire model range of Lada cars.

Of particular note are the X-shaped stampings on the side of the Niva 2020, enlarged discs and the presence of a large number of LEDs in both the front and rear optics.

New Niva 2020.

The creators’ goal was to make the crossover visually three-door, but in fact it has five functional doors. The handles of the second door are originally hidden in the surface of the doors to create a visual absence of excess elements.

It is planned to keep these specifics in the production version of the Niva 2020 model year (Lada 4 × 4).
The design solution for the modernization of the new body was implemented carefully and competently: the distinctive features of the Niva remained in harmony with the modern body.

Visually distinguished are the upper parts of the turn signals, an elongated rectangular hood, and the taillights are decorated in the style of «six». X-graphics plotted on the body, including the sides and other details that attract attention.
The design of the Niva 2020 will practically not change in the process of launching mass production, only certain minor proportions will be changed.

New Niva 2020.


Significant improvements have been made to the interior: the driver’s and front passenger’s seats, and the rear sofa have expanded space. Upgraded electronics are installed on the front panel and steering unit for complete control of the settings.

Niva 2020 (Lada 4 × 4) received advanced functionality, and the placement of buttons and adjusting levers is carefully thought out taking into account the functionality and convenience for the driver.

The image of an aggressive SUV is also maintained in the interior, where high-quality materials are used for decorating seats, steering wheels.

New Niva 2020.

Release Date of the new Lada 4 × 4 Vision

The date of launch of mass production and the cost of the Niva 2020 is not yet reported. If developers can fully realize the design and technical solutions regarding the gearbox, then the modernized Lada 4 × 4 will be more expensive than the latest generation Duster. But if the crossover competes with Renault, this will not provoke significant dumping.

The start of mass production is planned for 2020-2021, and the cost of the new Niva will be twice as expensive as the standard equipment of the Lada 4×4 of the current generation. Therefore, the image of the budget all-terrain vehicle car says goodbye to the release of a new generation.

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