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New UAZ Hunter 2021.

New UAZ Hunter 2021.

New UAZ Hunter 2021.

New UAZ Hunter 2021. UAZ Hunter is in demand in Japan: cars are sold out instantly.

About three years ago, the Japanese company Autoriesen started importing the UAZ Hunter model to the Land of the Rising Sun.

It is unlikely that the company was counting on success, and until recently, the Russian SUV was really interesting only to a small group of motorists.

Nevertheless, the popularity of outdoor activities has recently increased in Japan, and with it the demand for old cars, which are not a pity to get out into nature. It was then that Hunter fired.

Autoriesen is engaged in the sale of new SUVs, but buyers still perceive the Russian model as old.

According to local motorists, such a car can be immediately used as a used one, without fear of scratching or breaking something.

Today the demand for UAZ Hunter in Japan is so high that the company even has to place pre-orders.

At the same time, the firm also notes that customers are very satisfied with the car, and only one of the buyers put up his car for sale.

New UAZ Hunter 2021.

The latter was immediately bought, since the demand for used Hunters in the Land of the Rising Sun is as high as for new ones, and used cars almost do not lose in price.

What is the reason for such a popularity of the model?

First of all, the Japanese praise the Russian SUV for its simplicity of design, noting that it is possible to repair a car in almost any workshop, and it has no problems with spare parts.

Local car enthusiasts also call the UAZ Hunter a style icon. In their opinion, this is the perfect vehicle for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

New UAZ Hunter 2021.

In addition, many Japanese agree that Hunter may be interesting for motorists spoiled by modern technologies.

For the latter, the opportunity to tinker with the «old» car with their own hands can be a real adventure.

The Japanese are not worried about the reliability of the Russian model.

So, in the comments to the original news, one of the users writes that he had both British and German cars, and they all broke down too.

The domestic SUV UAZ Hunter is in decent demand among Russian motorists. However, as it turned out, this car is in high demand outside our country.

New UAZ Hunter 2021.

As it turned out, one of the private importing companies is bringing a Russian SUV to Japan.

The local market for UAZ Hunter is in high demand, and potential customers are forced to sign up for a car purchase queue.

For the first time, UAZ Hunter became available in the Japanese car market about three years ago.

However, over the past few months, the SUV has proven to be so popular that its results are surprising.

Most experts agree that its relevance is justified by the growing demand for cars that can provide active recreation.

New UAZ Hunter 2021.

Moreover, none of the owners of the SUV seems to be disappointed in the purchased model, since there are no advertisements on the Internet about the resale of Russian cars by private individuals.

As you know, the UAZ Hunter was created by Soviet specialists from a small military vehicle.

The main advantages of the Russian model are affordable price, the highest off-road performance, endurance and low cost of maintenance.

The power capabilities of the car are determined by an atmospheric 2.7-liter gas engine, in a pair of which the developer offers a 5-speed manual gearbox and an all-wheel drive system.

At what price the SUV is offered in Japan is not indicated in the message.

But on the Russian market, he is one of the few representatives, the cost of which does not exceed 1 million rubles.

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