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New Volga 2020.

New Volga 2020.

«Volga» -2020 — to be. Representatives of the Gorky Automobile Plant confirmed the release of the new sedan. Marketing Director Vasily Kostochkin told reporters that the issue resumes as part of the import substitution. The state supports. Finances interesting initiatives of domestic producers. Legendary GAZ is no exception.

The 2019–2020 model is known as the “Director Volga”. Its official name is GAZ-3102. The plans of the manufacturer — small-scale assembly of the car. About mass production it is not yet.

New Volga 2020.


The design of the new “Volga” in 2020 was developed by the specialists of the Russian atelier Cardi. The result was an ambiguous, but interesting project. He is ambiguous because there have been no major changes in the exterior and the stuffing.

It is known that the Volga 2020 will be produced with the old body. It is extended by 20.2 cm in front, with a long overhang and low ground clearance. This design is part of the passive safety of the vehicle. Prevents rubble and dirt from entering the windshield.

The fuel tank is located behind the rear seat. That is, in the space that is least vulnerable when two cars collide. All the listed elements of the concept inherited from the predecessors of 2007 release.

In the exterior, there are some new elements. The model will have other bumpers, LED headlights and lights. Instead of a chrome grille, they will install an all-stamped plastic. In general, automotive experts say that the car will look more modern and more interesting than its predecessor.

New Volga 2020.


The producers of the new “Volga” -2020 have not yet presented them. According to the representatives of the Gorky plant, it will not be radically different from the cabin of the classic GAZ-3102. At the same time, it was decided to partially unify the interior with the Gazelle-NEXT interior. This is done to reduce the cost.

In the classic version of the GAZ-3102 instrument panel was made of polyurethane foam. Complete with safety padding. In the design of the panel was used not a tree, but its imitation.

All chairs orthopedic, superior. Designed for long trips. Headrests are installed on the front seats. Designers have improved thermal and sound insulation of the cabin.

  New Volga 2020.


The technical characteristics, like the photo of the new Volga model of 2020, is the intrigue of the year. According to preliminary data, it will be equipped with a manual transmission.

It is also known that the car plan to produce in several trim levels. The announced price of the model in the minimum configuration — 800 thousand rubles. This version does not provide air conditioning in the cabin, do not drop windows on the rear doors, does not give a guarantee on the body.

The intrigue is that individuals will be able to purchase a novelty by special permission. With this innovation, manufacturers decided to stir up consumer interest. Recreate the Soviet halo of elitism and excitement around the famous passenger car.

It is not excluded, and the queue for the purchase, given the planned small-scale production. But this will happen on the condition that the number of people willing to purchase the Russian restyled Volga will be in the thousands.

New Volga 2020.


GAZ-3102 is classified as a middle class car. It was produced in the Soviet Union, and then in Russia from December 1981 to November 2008.

The model was conceived as a successor to the famous 24th Volga, but became the official transport of research institute managers, directors of enterprises, senior military officials and other members of the nomenclature, who by status relied on a level of comfort and safety higher than in conventional machines.

The car was produced in small batches — no more than 3 thousand units per year. Mass demand was formed in the 2000s — by that time he had already gained a reputation as a “director”.

In parallel, the designers developed and other models. As a result, 3102 was removed from the conveyor.

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