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News about the Range Rover 2022.

News about the Range Rover 2022.

News about the Range Rover 2022.

News about the Range Rover 2022. With the release of the new Range Rover 2022, Land Rover has offered customers a somewhat unexpected SUV.

The British model, according to the announced information, has 1.6 million different modifications.

However, most of them are versions with optional packages, which bring minor changes to the body and interior design.

In particular, the badge and a number of other trim elements Land Rover can make from ceramic.

However, during the presentation the British company did not disclose all the features and specifications of the new Range Rover.

It became known later. Thus, at the end of January it was reported that the seven-seater SUV will be offered with two variants of hybrid units.

And the basis of each of them is the same. The hybrids that the Range Rover received are based on a turbocharged 3-liter engine combined with a 141-horsepower electric motor.

The starting unit collectively produces up to 434 hp. A 503-horsepower hybrid is available for a surcharge along with the new Range Rover.

The maximum torque is respectively 620 or 700 N*m.

News about the Range Rover 2022.

Both hybrids allow up to 113 kilometers of pure electric drive.

These units support several modes of operation: only the internal combustion engine or electric motor, a combination of the two units and others.

Thanks to this feature Range Rover, in particular, provides free travel to the center of the British capital.

In addition to the above-mentioned engines, «soft» hybrids are available to buyers of the British model.

They are also based on a 3-liter turbocharged engine that produces up to 394 horsepower.

News about the Range Rover 2022.

The SUV with such unit gains the first 100 km/h in 5,8 seconds. The two remaining «soft» hybrids are based on turbodiesels of the same volume, which respectively develop up to 296 and 345 hp.

At the top of the engine range is a twin-turbocharged engine with a capacity of 4.4 liters.

This unit produces up to 523 hp and 750 N*m. This SUV variant is capable of accelerating to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds.

Each of the available power units is equipped with an 8-speed «automatic» and a branded all-wheel drive transmission, capable of adapting independently to the terrain.

Moreover, it changes the nature of torque transfer, further reducing emissions.

According to the information announced later, Land Rover will soon release a «charged» Range Rover in the SVR version.

News about the Range Rover 2022.

This version of the SUV should debut during 2022. The British model in the SVR design is expected to get a 625-horsepower 4.4-liter twin-turbo engine that produces up to 750 N*m.

The engine itself is borrowed from BMW. This engine, according to official information, provides many opportunities for modification.

Thus, in one of Bavarian models it is combined with an electric motor, due to which the total output increases to 750 hp.

The updated Range Rover is offered on the British market in five versions at a price of 135550 euros (about 11.7 million rubles).

At that, the specified amount is charged only for plug-in hybrids.

News about the Range Rover 2022.

Prices for more affordable versions have not yet been announced. The British model is equipped with air suspension, 13.1-inch touchscreen monitor, an extensive list of safety systems and comfort options.

As previously noted, Land Rover offered a huge number of options for personalizing the new SUV.

The release dates for the new Range Rover on the Russian market have not yet been announced. It will probably cost more than 10 million rubles.

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