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NIO ES6 2021.

NIO ES6 2021.

NIO ES6 2021.

NIO ES6 2021: all-electric crossover.
NIO, a young Chinese car brand, has confirmed its status as a budget electric vehicle manufacturer with the development of the 2021 NIO ES6 mid-size electric crossover.

The novelty is based on the technological and layout basis of the older model of the 8th series. The advantages of the new project are lower cost and 30 percent more mileage without recharging.

The design features of the new five-door have a shorter wheelbase, modified dimensions, and a lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum body.

The 2021 model has no age preferences; motorists of different generations provided an approximately equal number of positive reviews and comments.


The new body in numerous advertising photos in the most striking and expressive front angle shows the recognizable structural and design solutions characteristic of the ES8 series. The new electric crossover model attracts attention:

• typical for Chinese cars trapezoidal windshield format;
• predatory squint of compact blocks of running lights;
• complexly articulated front optics with xenon fittings;
• transverse lamellas of decorative cladding.

NIO ES6 2021.

Under the ribbed profile of the bumper, a mesh of a two-section ventilation air intake and a protective and decorative overlay of a plastic figured body kit are visible. The front end is characterized by a minimum drag coefficient.

In the design of the sidewalls, the new model of the electric crossover harmoniously combines the properties of an off-road crossover and business style. The profile projection of the body in terms of expressiveness and presentability of the layout is not inferior to the design of the front end. In stock:

• gentle slope of the high domed roof;
• harmonious contrast of the upper chrome-plated semi-perimeter and the glossy black trim of the three-piece side windows;
• oval configuration of mirrors and wave body reliefs.

The crossover-off-road status of the 2021 NIO ES6 electric car is confirmed by the characteristic body configuration with typical off-road hinges, high ground clearance and short overhangs. The new model is identified by its silver black side sill moldings and the sporty design of the 18-inch two-tone wheels.

Positive emotions are formed by the crossover layout of the rear side of the case, which is successful in all respects. Available — an arched spoiler visor and a dynamic tilt of the rear window, compact dimensions of a vertical tailgate decorated with a logo, nameplates and deep stepped profiles.

The package also contains interesting graphics of multifunctional stops, a stepped bumper profile and ventilation mesh diffusers of the rear plastic body kit. According to leading experts, a successful and fully modern restyling can serve as the basis for subsequent corporate developments.

NIO ES6 2021.


In the base model of the NIO ES6 2021 electric crossover, the interior volume is fabric or kozhimite, the interior decorated with natural leather is promised in more expensive top-end modifications.

A virtual instrument cluster operating in several operating modes is responsible for the effective readability of the information coming from the technical and electronic equipment. The three-spoke design of the sporty multifunction steering wheel, supplemented with special command functionality, provides its full view.

• Command functions of the front console are assigned to the touchpad of the vertical media and information display. The onboard options are activated by touch buttons located on the lower tier of the compact remote control.

• The complete set of the tunnel with a large number of functional and comfort-creating options is as close as possible to premium standards. In particular, a spacious refrigerator is built in under the armrest.

The technical equipment and on-board electronics corresponding to European counterparts are almost completely identical to the first generation model with the ES8 index. The main feature of the instrumental equipment is the presence of artificial intelligence and elements of voice control.

The boarding and road service of professionally profiled and ergonomic front row seats already in the basic version offers:

• elements of lateral support;
• extended list of electrified settings;
• heated and cooled seats.

The limited service of the three-seater sofa is partially offset by the adjustable backrest tilt and the ability to transform to 2.5x the luggage compartment. More accurate data are not yet available.

NIO ES6 2021.


In the new interpretation of the 2021 Nio EC6 electric crossover, the length, width and height of the body have been edited in proportions of 4850 x 1965 and 1734 mm.

The all-wheel drive chassis with a base shortened to 2600 mm and a 200 mm ground clearance is characterized by:

• comfortable — two- and multi-link — axle suspension;
• the effectiveness of disc brakes;
• the presence of lateral stabilization mechanisms and modern road safety systems

The chassis layout uses a drive circuit with two electric motors with a total power of 436 hp.

The power source is a modular battery with a capacity of 70 or 84 kilowatts, which guarantees a mileage of 430 and 510 km, respectively.

NIO ES6 2021.

The test drive confirmed the dynamics of acceleration to the first hundred at 5.6 seconds. Maximum speed and other performance characteristics are under clarification.

Options and prices

In the domestic market of the Middle Kingdom, the new Nio EC6 2021 model year will be available in one basic modification.

The list of paid options includes air suspension and a more energy-intensive battery. The preliminary price of new items will be formed in the range of 52-65 thousand dollars.

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