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Nissan Altima 2023.

Nissan Altima 2023.

Nissan Altima 2023.

The recently updated «big brother» of the Nissan Teana, the Altima sedan, is already being prepared for a restyling.

The current sixth-generation Nissan Altima has only been on the market for two years, but apparently, the manufacturer has already decided to update the «big brother» Teana due to ever-decreasing sales.

This became known thanks to a set of photos of the test prototype, which was spotted on public roads in the U.S. with the front part camouflaged.

Apparently, the «face» of updated Altima will look much more aggressive than on the actual model. The manufacturer manages to achieve this by changing the design of the headlights, grille and front bumper.

On the stern of the sedan there is no camouflage, although this does not mean that there can be no changes, perhaps the manufacturer will start modernizing it after finishing the front end.

Most automakers don’t change the engine part during a restyling, especially if it doesn’t cause any problems, so the updated Altima will likely be offered with the same engines as the current model.

Now the sedan is equipped with a 2.5-liter atmospheric petrol engine with 188 hp, and a turbocharged motor with the same displacement, but already 248 hp. Each of them works together with a stepless automatic transmission.

Inside the model, too, no changes are expected, but the car will get a lot of additional safety systems, as a proprietary package «Safety Shield 360» was supplemented and became standard for Nissan Altima.

Nissan Altima 2023.

In order to know all the details about the updated model, we will not have to wait long, as it is rumored to be presented in the middle of 2022, and it will go on sale at the end of the same year or at the beginning of 2023.

Japanese brand Nissan will unveil the redesigned Altima sedan as a 2023 model as early as next year. On Friday, December 3, the first pictures of the car from test tests appeared in the Network.

Nissan Altima 2023.

Initially, Nissan did not plan to update the model so quickly, but the volume of sales of the car began to decline, which prompted the need to freshen up the model.

At the same time no global changes are expected — in the received photos from the tests we can see the camouflage on the front.

Nissan Altima 2023.

Apparently this is where the main innovations will be. The novelty will receive upgraded radiator grille, other headlights, as well as a new bumper.

Overall the car should now look more aggressive and sporty. Interestingly, the rear end doesn’t have any camouflage — maybe some modifications will be done, but a little later.

Nissan Altima 2023.

But the engine range for such a short time is unlikely to change.

Now the Nissan Altima is equipped with 2.5-liter engines, one atmospheric, and the other turbocharged.

The power of the first reaches 188 hp, and the second is able to produce 248 hp.

The cabin can improve the multimedia complex, as well as add more quality materials in the trim.

Already in the starting package the car will be equipped with a safety system Safety Shield 360, a proprietary for Nissan.

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