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Nissan Ariya 2022.

Nissan Ariya 2022.

Nissan Ariya 2022.

Nissan Ariya 2022: cross-coupe from the popular Japanese brand.

The new version of the Japanese electric car Nissan Ariya 2022 combines in its body structure the main advantages of the compartment and crossover layout.

The novelty differs from the early development with updates to the exterior and interior interior, and also offers more advanced characteristics of the power unit.

The new model in front- or off-road all-wheel drive is promised in five left- and right-hand drive modifications, with different configuration options for technical and electronic equipment.

The Nissan Aria 2022 model will also provide a choice of the energy capacity of the battery.


In the photo of the new generation cross-coupe, the design of the front end, decorated in the style of Japanese futurism, looks most stylish and expressive. In sight:

black glossy contour of the front glazing;
high ribbed sidewalls and rounded contours of the short hood;
corporate configuration and textured ornament of «blank» radiator cladding;
narrow blocks of multi-element optics with LED fittings;
vertical arrangement of wedge-shaped front brake cooling diffusers.

Nissan Ariya 2022.

The embossed bumper design provides a gloss black finish, an arched lower air intake perimeter and a compact body kit format.

The front end features chrome-plated brand logo, elegant running lights boomerangs and a variety of sporty stepped reliefs.

From the side view, the new body of the electric cross-coupe demonstrates a dynamic silhouette with a short engine compartment, a gentle slope of the domed roof and a vertical cut of the stern.

Attention is attracted by:

a silvery semi-perimeter of three-piece glazing supplemented by wide pillars;
massive mirrors and door handles recessed into the body;
longitudinal wave profiles of the sidewalls.

In the design features of the lower part of the sidewalls of the Nissan Ariya 2022, a plastic «skirt» of the lower body perimeter and an increased to 18 inches format of reinforced off-road wheels decorated in an exclusive style.

The next restyling has retained the features of the branded layout of the rear side of the body. The design has an aggressive touch that is more typical for sports cars. In stock:

Nissan Ariya 2022.

rounded sharp edge of the spoiler;
compact format of high raised oval glazing;
with branding, LED red marker strip and stepped tailgate.

A protective panel complete with shades protects the massive plastic stern body kit from accidental damage.

Judging by the comments of visitors to the presentation in Tokyo, the appearance of the cross-coupe received a lot of positive feedback from motorists of different age groups.


Finished with high-quality leather and decorative plastic, the spacious and ergonomically impeccable five-seater salon meets the current standards of the European market.

The two-spoke multifunction steering wheel, supplemented with sports-type command buttons, provides an impeccable overview of the multi-mode digital dashboard.

The center console display combines media functionality, as well as touch activation of comfort-generating options. A significant part of the analog buttons and switches are placed on the lower tier of the dashboard.

Nissan Ariya 2022.

The increased dimensions of the tunnel are used to accommodate the tuning elements of travel options, organizers, cup holders and a volumetric freezer combined with an armrest.

In terms of the operational potential of on-board electronics, the novelty surpasses models of a higher class.

The basic configuration includes a modern multimedia complex, a semi-automatic driving system, voice control, anti-theft and parking equipment.

The electric cross-coupe will receive a recuperator, a set of electronic assistants and safety equipment.

The front seats of the Zero Gravity series are characterized by a sporty profile, full lumbar and lateral support, wide adjustment ranges, and heating and cooling circuits.

The boarding and travel service of the hospitable back sofa is limited by the inclination of the backrest, folding armrest and the presence of a separate control panel for setting the individual microclimate.

Partial dismantling of the backrest allows the loading capacity of the 415 or 468 liter luggage compartment to more than double.


In the new incarnation, the Nissan Aria 2022 retained the dimensions of its predecessor in the ratios of 4595 x 1850 and 1660 mm, as well as the center-to-center base of 2775 mm and 150 mm of ground clearance unchanged.

Nissan Ariya 2022.

As a basis, a new version of the scalable «bogie» jointly developed by Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi with an independent multi-link post-suspension was chosen.

The front-wheel drive engine range offers a choice of two models with an equivalent power of 218 HP / 300 N • m and 243 HP / 320 N • m.

The acceleration time to the first hundred is 7.7-7.5 seconds, the maximum speed is 160-165 km / h.

The total power of the two electric motors of all-wheel drive modifications is 279 and 394 hp, respectively.

The dynamics of the speed gain is 5.2-5.8 seconds, the maximum speed is up to 200 km / h. The electric transmission operates in three modes.

The test drive has confirmed that the energy capacity of the 63 kW • h battery is sufficient for 460 km of run.

Options and prices

According to not officially confirmed information, the new Nissan Aria 2022 model year will be announced in five modifications. The starting price of the base model starts from 42-43 thousand dollars.

Sales start in Russia

Electric cars are in moderate demand among our motorists due to their high cost, lack of full service and a small number of charging terminals.

The release date in Russia may be announced after the completion of the analysis of the purchasing potential.

Competing models

Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach E, Hyundai Kona or Volkswagen ID.4 class models can claim the status of a rival with varying degrees of success.

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