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Nissan Elgrand 2023.

Nissan Elgrand 2023.

Nissan Elgrand 2023.

Nissan will release a powerful competitor to the Toyota Alphard: first photo and timing of the new Elgrand’s debut.

The Toyota Alphard is in limited demand in Russia. But on the home market, this model is considered one of the most popular in its class.

And demand for it may increase even more in a few months, as Toyota prepares to update the Alphard.

But maybe the situation will change. The fact is that the 2023 Nissan Elgrand will debut around the same time frame in which the updated Alphard should be released.

Japanese model of the fourth generation is still under development. But Japanese media have already published the first rendering of the new Nissan Elgrand.

According to the authors of this image, the minivan will get a massive grille with lots of wide slats, which made the car more like an SUV.

Nissan Elgrand 2023.

This impression is supported by narrow headlights, under which the complex architecture, consisting of several LED lights, is located.

It is reported that the Nissan Elgrand will come with a seven-seat interior. The seats of the first two rows will be supplemented with an electric drive that adjusts their position in several directions.

Nissan Elgrand 2023.

Additionally Nissan will expand the list of safety systems.

But more important is the fact that the new Elgrand will become more dynamic and economical. The reason lies in the fact that the minivan will receive special hybrid transmission e-Power.

Its basis will be 1,5-liter turbocharged engine with variable compression.

Nissan Elgrand 2023.

Under rumors, cumulative efficiency of such hybrid will reach 200 h.p. Mass media did not provide any other information about the Japanese novelty.

As expected the official debut of Nissan Elgrand fourth generation will take place in winter 2023.

Nissan Elgrand 2023.

This model will not come to Russia, because the Japanese company decided to leave our country long ago.

After updating the Nissan Elgrand became richer outside and inside.

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