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Nissan Juke 2021.

Nissan Juke 2021.

Nissan Juke 2021.

Nissan Juke 2021: small stylish urban crossover.
For a very long time, this car was recognized by many ratings as the most ugly, to put it mildly. Nissan does not particularly like this reputation, so they decided to restyle the car so that it becomes popular again, but thanks to positive aspects.

The new model turned out to be quite interesting. Nissan Juke 2021 looks pretty modern and contains a lot of decorations that will appeal to both young and older drivers of all genders.

The advantages include a redesigned interior with quality finishes and a wide range of options. And, of course, the Japanese masters and characteristics did not disregard — the car will receive more efficient and less voracious power units.


Indeed, the new body looks much more attractive than the version before the update. As you can see in the photo, the car has acquired a large amount of stepped relief, while retaining few and smooth transitions in height.

Nissan Juke 2021.

The shape of the optics has also changed slightly, which now does not look so stupid. Also, the crossover boasts an abundance of inserts painted in gloss black or chrome, redesigned air intake systems, more stylish wheels and other decorations.

Most of all, the appearance of the front of the crossover has changed. She has become a little shorter, but got a higher fit. Also, the muzzle has acquired a more pronounced slope and rounding, so that any driver will always have a good view of the road.

There are a lot of decorations here that start from the hood. It includes a slightly submerged central part, and its lateral ribs bulge outward.

In the center of the bumper is Nissan’s signature air intake system, which takes the shape of a trapezoid and is framed by a wide chrome strip. Inside the grille, there is a fine black mesh and the Nissan brand badge.

On the sides of this design, you can see the thin lines of the high beam, which have a xenon filling, and just below the oval low beam lights.
The body kit takes up a lot of space here, which also sticks out slightly. It also includes an abundance of both useful and decorative elements.

It flaunts a platform for a license plate, another trapezoidal air intake, small recesses on the sides of a triangular shape containing plastic inserts and fog lights, as well as a protective layer of plastic, which can be painted like metal or not at all.

The shape of the profile part still remains recognizable, however, like the muzzle, it has been supplemented with some interesting details. It all starts with a very sloping roof, which is painted in gloss black.

Nissan Juke 2021.

The figure below is framed in the same color. The rear-view mirrors, which take an almost triangular shape and are equipped with repeaters of turn signals, also do not differ in the original color, even in the basic configuration.

Further, the body boasts a wide variety of both stepped and wavy transitions in height, as well as a protective layer of unpainted plastic that runs along the entire lower perimeter.

The rear of the car has also changed for the better. Its upper half is located at a large slope and includes details such as a window and a canopy, the posts of which frame the glass. There is also a brake light on the visor.

Next is the main part of the tailgate, on which you can see stylish marker signals, chrome nameplates, a variety of stepped relief, as well as a plate under the license plate.

As in the front, the body kit protrudes slightly outward, which is filled with a layer of protective plastic, fog lamps, and decorative grilles. The designers decided to place the exhaust system completely under the body.

Nissan Juke 2021.


The car began to look much more solid inside. The new Nissan Beetle 2021 model year will receive good finishes in fabrics, Alcantara, plastic, imitation leather and metals.

The multimedia complex will be seriously updated, which now always has a set of the most necessary options, and the seats will also become more comfortable.

Only the most necessary parts are located on the dashboard of the car, but they are decorated quite stylishly. There is a large touchscreen monitor, a row of three circular deflectors, and a climate control panel that consists of analog buttons and washers.

The dashboard is completed with a panel with slots for accessories. A lot of space is taken up by the tunnel, which flaunts a technical panel, cup holders and an armrest, which has an additional glove compartment inside.

Each of the five seats of the car is capable of providing passengers with a high level of comfort. The chairs will be finished with fabrics or artificial leather.

They will also receive heating, electric adjustments, good support on the sides, the ability to adjust the tilt of the head restraints and other useful functions.

Nissan Juke 2021.


At the start of sales, Nissan Juke 2021 will be equipped with only a liter engine that runs on gasoline and produces 117 horsepower.

As the test drive shows, due to its small volume, the unit consumes little fuel, but it can still boast good dynamics.

The engine will be coupled with a six-speed mechanic or a seven-speed robot. Initially, only front-wheel drive will be available. All-wheel drive crossovers will appear a little later.

Options and prices

The price of the Nissan Beetle 2021 will be announced closer to the start of sales.

Sales start in Russia

No release date in Russia has been set, since the car will not reach us. Nissan Kiks will appear in its place.


The rivals of the crossover are Renault Captur, Mazda CX-30 and Lada X-Ray.

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