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Nissan Leaf 2021.

Nissan Leaf 2021.

Nissan Leaf 2021.

Nissan Leaf 2021: a budget electric car for every day.
Another restyling was presented not so long ago for one of the very first modern electric cars — the Nissan Leaf.

This car is updated very often due to the ever-growing competition in the electric vehicle market. The new model does not differ much from its predecessor on the outside, but inside it boasts good performance and good multimedia with a bunch of options.

Also, the Nissan Leaf 2021 has improved characteristics when compared with the previous generation: the new product is more dynamic, and also allows you to travel a greater distance on a single battery charge.


As mentioned earlier, the car is not much different from its predecessor in appearance. However, you can still find some innovations here. In the photo, a slightly larger amount of relief immediately catches the eye, which is distributed over the entire area.

The new body can also have many inserts, the color of which is different from the main one. Usually it is either chrome or gloss black.


Nissan Leaf 2021. Since there is no traditional engine under the hood of the car, there is not much space under the face here.

It also differs in a low seating position, and to improve aerodynamics and visibility for the driver, it was given a tilt and rounding.

Already at the very beginning of the muzzle, you can find quite a lot of jewelry. There are several undulating transitions in height on the hood, and strongly protruding side ribs are located on the sides.

The central part of the bumper is reserved for a trapezoidal insert, which in many ways resembles the company’s traditional air intake, but since this is an electric car, there is no urgent need for it.

This insert boasts a wide chrome perimeter, a Nissan badge in the center, and a gloss black paint job. Just below this structure, there is a platform for installing a license plate, which is also made in black gloss.

On the sides of the insert are rather long and narrow headlights, which have LED filling in any configuration, which perfectly saves battery power and illuminates the road. For a more formidable look, the optics are positioned at an angle.

Nissan Leaf 2021.

All the remaining space on the main part of the bumper is reserved for undulating height transitions.
The body kit takes up little space here. It consists of a small strip shaped recess that is filled with air intakes, black inserts and fog lamps. There is also a bit of relief here.

All the same solid and stylish hatchback looks on the sides. The design of the car begins here with a slightly sloping roof, right under which there is a strip of windows, slightly tapering towards the end.

They will always be framed and divided into thin lines with a black glossy color. The unusual shape of the rear-view mirrors, which can be equipped with repeaters of turn signals, are painted in the same color.

Further, the body will be decorated with a small amount of relief, evenly distributed over the entire profile area, chrome door handles, also chrome nameplates at the bottom and slightly protruding sills with wheel arches.

Nissan Leaf 2021.

Interestingly, the hatchback is also made at the rear. It all starts here with a rather wide and long visor, which is equipped with a brake light in the very center.

Below it is a large luggage compartment window, framed on the sides by visor struts and dimensional signals that take an interesting shape. On the main part of the tailgate you can see a large glossy black insert, chrome nameplates and an abundance of relief transitions in height.

Much more space than in the front is reserved for the body kit here. It will stick out a little, and will also receive fog signals and a large diffuser with a decorative frame, the color of which depends on the choice of the buyer. Since this is an electric car, there is no exhaust system here.


Inside, the new Nissan Leaf 2021 model year will delight its owner with high-quality finishes made of genuine leather, plastic, fabrics and metals, as well as an advanced multimedia complex with a bunch of modern functionality that makes any trip even more pleasant.

The car dashboard includes only the essentials. Such details here include a strip of stoplights, framed by a black glossy line, a touchscreen infotainment system of large sizes, and a couple of panels filled with both touch and analog buttons.

At the end of the dash there is a small storage compartment. Next, a tunnel begins, on which you can see a technical panel, a couple of compartments for glasses, as well as an armrest that hides another glove compartment underneath.

Although the car looks compact, it can accommodate five people without any problems. The seats here can be finished with both natural leather and fabrics. They also have a heating system, electric adjustment, lateral support and tiltable headrests.

Nissan Leaf 2021.


The changes in the technical part are especially noticeable. The 2021 Nissan Leaf will receive a more powerful electric motor, the output of which has been increased to 150 horsepower. The batteries have also been redesigned.

Now, on a single charge, the car can travel almost 400 kilometers, which was also confirmed by a test drive.

It takes just 40 minutes to charge the battery to 80% of fast charging, while from a traditional outlet this process takes 16 hours.

A little later, the car will receive an even more powerful engine, about which information will appear a little later.

Options and prices

In the basic version, the novelty will cost the buyer $ 29,000. The price of the most sophisticated modification will exceed 30 thousand.


The main rivals of the car are still the Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model.

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