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Nissan Murano 2022.

Nissan Murano 2022.

Nissan Murano 2022.

The 2022 Nissan Murano is a slightly custom crossover in the Japanese brand’s lineup.

This car has not been fully modernized globally for more than five years.

But despite this, it remains quite in demand in the Russian market, while its direct competitors Kia Sorento and Hyundai Santa Fe have experienced a generational change over the specified period.

And the latter also managed to go through restyling. The uniqueness of the Murano is added by the fact that in addition to the 3.5-liter «atmospheric» engine, a hybrid installation is available to it.

Crossovers with similar units in the price range from 2.9 million rubles are rarely found on the Russian market.

Murano already offers many comfort options in the base, including leather seats with premium acoustics. In the top-end modifications, all-round cameras and additional security systems appear.

Specifications Nissan Murano 2022.

Structurally and technically, the 2022 Nissan Murano has not changed. The manufacturer has not yet announced when the crossover will receive a new body and motors.

At the same time, Nissan has adjusted the configuration and prices, adding a previously unavailable modification and making the car more comfortable.

Nissan Murano 2022.

But outwardly, judging by the published photos, Murano has not changed.

Probably the reason why Nissan is not yet doing a global crossover redesign is because the Japanese model’s specifications and other features are satisfying potential buyers.

The standard Murano is equipped with a 3.5-liter naturally aspirated engine that develops no more than 249 hp. useful power (the indicator is artificially limited for the Russian market) and 325 N * m of torque.

With such a unit, the Japanese crossover gains 100 km / h in 7.9 seconds, consuming an average of 9.9 liters of fuel.

For a surcharge, Murano buyers are offered a hybrid installation with a 2.5-liter engine, complemented by a turbocharger.

In combination with one electric motor, this unit produces no more than 234 hp. power and 330 N * m tractive torque.

With the hybrid Murano accelerates to 100 km / h in 8.3 seconds, but consumes an average of 8.3 liters of gasoline.

Nissan Murano 2022.

Also, the Japanese model is complemented by a plug-in all-wheel drive, which redistributes up to 50% of the torque to the rear axle.

Murano length — 4898 mm,
width — 1915 mm,
height — 1691 mm.
Wheelbase — 2825 mm,
ground clearance — 184 mm.

Options and prices

The 2022 Nissan Murano differs from its predecessors with the appearance of a new configuration, which became the base for the crossover.

But the manufacturer recently removed one modification from the list. Therefore, today the crossover is available in Russia in five versions.


The Japanese model stands out from the competition with its original and sporty appearance.

The crossover has an elongated front part of the body and a coupe-like roof, which is why the rear support legs are compact.

Nissan Murano 2022.

The voluminous bonnet at the end bends downward, blending seamlessly into the signature V-shaped metal grille.

Murano’s elongated head optics emit a thin strip of LED lights, more reminiscent of a feather stroke.

The front bumper also contains a metal plate, which from below, as it were, picks up niches with fog lights.

At the stern of the crossover, there are large headlights that start on the voluminous wheel fenders and, gradually thinning, go to the support legs.

There is also a metal plate along the rear bumper that separates the plastic body kit with two tailpipes from the rest of the body.

The salon of the Japanese model stands out for its premium performance.

In addition to the leather seats, the Murano has upholstered door cards, a transmission tunnel and half of the front fascia.

But despite this design, the interior of the crossover looks outdated. In many ways, this impression is provided by the center console with a built-in touchscreen monitor and several compact washers for electronics control.

Handling and off-road capabilities

Nissan has adapted the Murano to the Russian market by reconfiguring the suspension and making a number of other changes.

Thanks to this, the off-road capabilities of the crossover have significantly improved.

Nissan Murano 2022.

True, such changes did not turn the Japanese model into a full-fledged SUV: it is more likely intended for occasional driving on a dirt road than for overcoming the area soggy after prolonged rains.

On the other hand, the changes made had a positive effect on the car’s behavior on «broken» asphalt.

The crossover suspension “swallows” most of the bumps, providing a comfortable ride.

At the same time, attention is drawn to the ability to accurately maintain a straight line, including during sharp maneuvers.

But the steering gear of the crossover is poorly tuned. In particular, this is especially evident in parking lots. In parking lots, drivers have to constantly and many times make efforts to park their car.

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