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Nissan Note Crossover 2022.

Nissan Note Crossover 2022.

Nissan Note Crossover 2022.

Nissan Note Crossover 2022: the cross-version of the popular hatchback.

Nowadays more and more car brands are getting involved in the struggle for the development of new, promising market segments.

The company «Nissan» is not left out of this, presenting Nissan Note Crossover 2022 — the third generation of the hit sales of the end of the «noughties» in the cross-format.

In addition to visual differences from the civilian version of the «raccoon», the new model shows differences in the technical component, slightly expanding the possibilities of operation, and also has a little more comfortable interior.

Unfortunately, the car is «sharpened» exclusively for the Japanese market, so expect a stylish and bright crossover anywhere else.


Even by photo we can classify the crossover hatch to beautiful and modern cars.

The best traditions of modern fashion are expressed here in a combination of smooth contours and brutal elements, which include a powerful plastic dodger around the perimeter of the body.

In addition, the new body flaunts interesting lighting, air intake elements and an ambiguous, but original relief.

The most interesting looks the front of the Nissan Note Crossover 2022. It is set at a medium height and, despite its small length, looks wide.

Such an impression is formed due to the strongly sloped large windshield, passing into the sloping hood lid with relief rises on the edges.

Nissan Note Crossover 2022.

The main part of the muzzle contains large wedge-shaped headlights with high-quality LED stuffing and stroke daytime running lights.

From below, the lighting equipment «prop up» chrome stripes, accentuating the huge trapeze of the air intake grille with a 3D pattern.

In addition to the number pad and triangular slots with fog lights on the edges, the dodger contains a powerful black-plastic insert with another trapeze for air access to the hood.

The restyling has touched the sides of the novelty a little less. The rounded shape of the roof is now emphasized by hardly visible black rails, as well as large windows of smooth outlines.

They are assembled in a drop-shaped figure with a thin plastic frame and wide uprights.

Below comes mostly smooth relief, resting on the protective layer on the sills and circular wheel arches with huge, stylish discs.

Nissan Note Crossover 2022.

Other interesting elements include rounded mirrors on thin legs, slightly protruding door handles, as well as reinforced sills.

The stern of the car turned out almost steep and has a small spoiler visor above the rounded glass, interesting «stars» of the parking lights, a small relief with a stamping under the license plate and a modest bodykit with a black protective insert in the lower part.


In the interior of the new Nissan Note Crossover 2022 model year, no special changes are expected, including trim materials consisting of plastic, fabrics, eco-leather and polished aluminum.

In general, the central console became a little more convenient for the driver, and seating for all passengers, primarily due to the emergence of additional free space.

Controls and controls

New steering wheel is made in Nissan style: a medium-sized rim is complemented by an abundance of buttons on the wide side spokes, which makes the steering process very comfortable.

Nissan Note Crossover 2022.

There is a digital dashboard behind the steering wheel, which displays a great number of all possible parameters.

Closer to the center is a large-format touchpad of the command and multimedia center with auxiliary physical buttons.

Below there is a thin line of air ducts, a number of physical buttons and a rather archaic climate control unit.

On the central tunnel you can find a technical panel with a stylish gear selector at the head, an organizer, as well as an armrest with a cooled compartment in its depths.

Seating and luggage compartment

The car has five full-fledged seats, on which even adults with the build «more than average» will be able to sit relatively comfortably.

Each seat will have a comfortable shape, medium soft filling, as well as leatherette trim with the company’s blue stitching.

Driver and front passenger seats will be heated, developed support from the sides and mechanical precise actuators of the position settings.

Those who sit on the rear sofa will be able to change the position of the back a little bit and fold out the central armrest in the absence of the third passenger.

As for the luggage compartment, then, as shown by the test drive, its volume will range from 450 to 1000 liters.

Nissan Note Crossover 2022.

Technical specifications

Running gear of Nissan Note Crossover 2022 has undergone significant modifications, but, unfortunately, it did not make the car impressive clearance: only 145 mm at the output.

Characteristics of motors are also rather average: the hybrid power-unit with a 1,2-liter engine gives out modest 82 «horsepower» and acts as a generator.

The electric motor of the front-wheel drive version shows 116 horsepower, and you can count on an additional 68 «horses» when ordering a full drive. Clearance of such version will be 5 mm more.

Driving tests of the new crossover showed that the car is suitable for moving around the city and highway, pleasing its owners with comfort and low energy consumption.
However, move off the road, even in all-wheel drive configurations, should be with caution.

Complete sets and prices

Expect a large number of complete sets of the model under consideration should not be expected. Even though its starting price will be quite democratic: about 1.65 million rubles in Russian money.

Start of sales in Russia

It is possible not to dream about a date of release of a novelty in Russia. But in the Country of the Rising Sun the car will appear in the autumn of 2021.

Competing models

The closest to the Japanese are the domestic Lada X-Ray, as well as the Kia XCeed, Citroen C3 and Renault Sandero Stepway.

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