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Nissan Patrol 2018

Nissan Patrol 2018

New Nissan Patrol 2018

Powerful SUV Nissan Patrol in 2018 will be updated almost beyond recognition. Many elements of the body and interior will be changed, and the car will not look much like its predecessor. But along with this, the eighth generation of the SUV will take on a lot from its predecessors. It is expected that the manufacturer will finalize the air suspension, which the brethren very often failed.

While it is not known the exact date of car delivery to the Russian market, one thing is certain that the novelty will first fall on the American market, and only then to us. The average price for an off-road vehicle will be 2 700 000 rubles.

Nissan Patrol 2018...

Nissan Patrol 2018....


It should be noted immediately that the exterior of the car will be aggressive and purposeful. This will contribute to the volume front and rear bumper; Stylish roof rails from aluminum on the roof, which will transport a bulky cargo. Stylish and impressive looks V-shaped grille falshradiatora in the center of which is the emblem of the manufacturer. Changed and head optics, now it is equipped with LED tape.

Some body parts, such as handles, doors and lines on them with vyshtampovkami were borrowed from the Nissan Pathfinder. Other information on the exterior of the body is not yet available. On tests, the SUV carefully concealed tight camouflage. Perhaps, under it were hidden new body elements, which were not in their predecessors.

Nissan Patrol 2018


According to preliminary data, the saloon of a stylish SUV will increase somewhat. Rear passengers can now be placed comfortably at the expense of increased legroom. Also, the roof of the car will be located higher, which will allow without problems to be placed in the car to people with high growth.

On the central console will be placed seven-inch screen, with which you can control the functions of the car, as well as a multimedia system. As for multimedia, its equipment will include thirteen columns. Also in the car kit will be present and satellite navigation.

The SUV interior will be truly gorgeous, as the seat trim will be made of genuine high-quality leather. In addition, all the chairs can be adjusted at will. In the interior will be present inserts of chrome-plated wooden parts.

A massive steering wheel with four spokes and a lot of buttons is very comfortable and stylish. Behind the steering wheel is a dashboard with volumetric speedometer and tachometer. Between them is an on-board computer that displays all the necessary information about the car.

Undoubtedly, every car enthusiast will appreciate the solid and attractive interior of the updated SUV. It is safe to say that before the start of sales, the manufacturer will certainly surprise all car enthusiasts with some innovation.

Nissan Patrol 2018.


A rich line of engines will be for the new SUV Nissan Patrol 2018. There will also be various engine options for the Russian, European and American market. For America, there is a powerful V-shaped engine, whose capacity is 350 horsepower.

Work such a power unit will be on gasoline fuel. Advanced modification of the SUV will be equipped with a more powerful engine with eight cylinders and a capacity of 400 horses. Any of the engines will work paired with an automatic seven-speed transmission or a six-speed manual transmission.

Nissan Patrol 2018..

Perhaps the manufacturer will add to the line and a diesel engine, the power of which is only 190 horsepower. But the installation of this power unit is still in question, since it is unlikely to be able to provide dynamism to a heavy SUV.

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