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Nissan Serena 2020

Nissan Serena 2020

Nissan Serena 2020

Nissan Serena 2020 — restyling of the 5th generation Japanese minivan C27
Nissan has unveiled a new version of its best-selling minivan — Serena. The model received the C27 index and is the fifth generation of the popular minivan.

The previous version was released 3 years ago, the sales results of which showed all the relevance and value of the brand.
In two years, almost 100 thousand customers bought the car. So a scheduled update was only a matter of time.

Nissan Serena 2020


Immediately it is worth saying that the Japanese did not make the car if only it were. In many universal brands, minivans are presented, as if for a look, to put a tick.

Here Nissan put the novelty on a par with its other products, equipping it with the latest technical solutions, not looking around for the price tag increasing in this connection.
The new Siren received two complete sets. Both are represented by hybrids:

The base will be offered with a 2-liter, 4-cylinder gas engine producing 150 horses and 200 Hm of torque. A couple of him will make an electric motor of 2.6 hp and 48 Hm. Something similar is used today in many hybrid models and is essentially a standard solution.

Speed ​​control will be carried out by a proprietary CVT. Also, the basic filling involves the choice of drive — front and full;

The more expensive version is closer to the electric car. True, instead of the battery, energy will also be generated by the internal combustion engine, represented by a 1.3-liter 3-cylinder gasoline engine. The power of this generator is 83 hp. and 103 Hm. The traction itself will be carried out by an 136 hp electric motor. and 320 Hm. The electric version will also come with a variator, but the drive will only be on the front wheels.

Nissan Serena 2020

Another solution that determines the high price tag is an advanced assistant. The company does not specifically call it autopilot in order to avoid the negative wave that is now present in this topic.

The function implies computerized management of suburban highways. The minivan will drive and turn the steering wheel on its own, the driver only needs to observe and, if necessary, adjust the system.

The technical equipment in the Nissan Serena 2019 does not end there. A lane change assistant, a camera for blind spots, a reverse assistant, an emergency braking system, 6 airbags, etc. were stuffed into the novelty. So, the European safety exam will pass the car behind the eyes.

Nissan Serena 2020


Restyling demonstrates the same large and roomy body with a clumsy rear. As a standard, the optics, the design of the false grating and the body kit were revised. What attracts the exterior of this car is just the fact that it does not pursue any aggressive, athletic, unnecessary features that in any case are not applicable to its class. It is made with emphasis on practicality, which is demonstrated by its appearance.

By dimensions:
4750 mm of length;
1740 mm wide;
1875 mm in height;
2860 mm wheel spacing

15-inch alloy wheels are standardly offered; optionally available on 16 and 17.

Nissan Serena 2020


Serena’s salon is comfort and manufacturability, in fact, as usual in Japanese.
The torpedo is quite massive and is full of a huge multimedia screen. Tidy is represented by a virtual panel, deeply set in the visor of the torpedo. The center console is crammed with all kinds of control buttons, including a climate control controller.

For passengers, the rear also provides entertainment multimedia with 9-inch screens. The interior layout looks like 2 + 2 + 3. So in essence it is a seven-seater minivan, although you can fit eight in size if you wish. The rest is comfortable wide seats, without a hint of sport, high quality finishes and many settings for each passenger.

Price and sales start date

Sales of new 2019-2020 model years in the country of samurai have already begun. Japanese families buy minivans at 1,536,000 rubles apiece. Previous models were also presented on the Russian market, though mostly in the east of the country.

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