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Nissan X-Terra 2021.

Nissan X-Terra 2021.

Nissan X-Terra 2021.

Nissan X-Terra 2021: Japanese all-terrain vehicle with new technical and design solutions.
The manufacturer is positioning the frame SUV Nissan X-Terra 2021 as the original branded model. In fact, the novelty is a thoroughly modernized prototype of the 2018 Nissan Terra.

The new model confidently demonstrates the advantages of the updated body design, the most comfortable for its price level of the salon interior, corresponding to the status of high-speed, off-road and consumption-operational characteristics.


In the photo of the 2021 Nissan X-Terra, elements of the style characteristic of the extreme modification of the Patrol SUV are seen in the frontal view.

In stock:

• massive ribbed sidewalls of the engine compartment cover;

• stylish angular configuration and dynamic strokes of DRL blocks of LED optics;

• wide chrome-plated semi-perimeter and transverse slats of the branded radiator trim.

Nissan X-Terra 2021.

The layout of the lower segment of the front end includes a set of fog lamps located in vertical diffusers, a black grille for an additional air intake and a relief protective and decorative body kit panel.

The list of body décor includes chrome branding, silver diffuser frames and numerous elements of aggressive stepped relief.

No less elegant and presentable SUV Nissan X-Terra 2021 from the side view. In sight:

• expressive tone contrast of silver roof rails and gloss black window trim;

• modern mirrors and chrome door handles;

• harmonious combination of stepped and wave reliefs of the hull sides;

• Static kickstand and two-tone design of 18 «aluminum composite wheels.

To a greater extent, restyling has identified itself in the design of the stern. Its layout uses classic crossover solutions. These are, first of all:

• the usual tandem of a spoiler visor and a tilting panoramic window;

• vertical layout of the tailgate, complemented by the brand logo and sections of multifunctional lights;

• a massive bumper equipped with fog lights and a curly body kit.

Nissan X-Terra 2021.

The list of decorative elements includes interesting graphics of the lanterns, bright chrome-plated logo, nameplates, trim and body kit with a cutout for the exhaust pipe.

The belonging of the new Nissan to the category of premium SUVs is confirmed by the presence of high ground clearance, compact overhangs and roomy wheel arches.


In the design of a comfortable 5- or 6-seater cabin, it should be noted the premium quality of the finishing and decoration assortment, the ergonomics of the seats, the expanded functionality of the component electronics.

In the configuration of the front panel, minimalism prevails, since the control of the main and secondary options is displayed on the touch-sensitive media-command display of the center console and the button blocks located on the front surface of the sports multifunction steering wheel.

The design attracts attention:

• virtual imitation of an analog instrument panel;

• compact format of ventilation deflectors;

• increased to 10 inches diagonal of the multimedia display dashboard;

• two consoles with a nominal set of elements for activating onboard options.

The tunnel begins with the technical sector, complete with the transmission joystick and travel mode switch. It also includes a set of heated cup holders, organizers and a comfortable armrest, which simultaneously combines the functionality of the refrigerator compartment cover.

Nissan X-Terra 2021.

Most of the service functions are concentrated in the design of the front seats. In the presence of several adjustment points, heating and ventilation circuits of the seats, in the top modification, multi-mode vibration massage is promised.

For riders of the second and third rows, the possibility of tilting the back and viewing entertainment and information video using the built-in 7-inch monitors is available.

The new body provides for the transformation of the rear seats to increase the capacity of the luggage compartment from 1260 to 1857 liters.
In the floor niche there is only a set of standard tools, and a full-size spare wheel is attached to the external suspension, under the boot floor.


In terms of external dimensions, the Nissan X-Terra 2021 significantly surpasses many competitors, its parameters are 4900 x 1850 and 1860 mm, respectively.

The chassis copied from the Nissan Navara pickup is characterized by:

• wheelbase extended to 2745 mm and high 235 mm ground clearance;

• a combination of disc and shoe brakes, comfortable spring-lever and leaf spring suspension;
• a complete set of running stabilizers and modern security systems.

From the engine range, a two-liter gasoline aspirated 165 hp has been announced so far. and 241 Nm, working in tandem with a front- or all-wheel drive 7-band automatic.

The top modifications are all-wheel drive; in this configuration, the transmission is supplemented with a reduction gear and a rear differential lock circuit.

The test drive showed the dynamics of acceleration nominal for its class, confirmed the driving and off-road characteristics specified in the instructions. Its results will be known after complete processing of the results.

Nissan X-Terra 2021.

Options and prices

The new Nissan X-Terra 2021 model year is announced in three modifications, the price of the base model in ruble terms is just over two million.


The list of competitors includes SUVs of the Toyota Fortune, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Land Rover Defender, Suzuki Jimny and Jeep Wrangler class that are identical in parameters and cost.

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